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    Hi TheMatsjo, Sorry about the delay in getting back to you on this. There is indeed a known issue on what you have described. I have rolled out a new update to the mod that should hopefully fix this issue. Out of curiosity, were you using Don't Starve and have had made changes to the skin option in the mod configuration to plain? I've been wondering if people who are using this mod for the first time and haven't touched the mod configuration see the mod skin interface as DST-like or plain. By default it should be DST-like which should not have the issue described. Thanks.
  2. Version 1.0.6a


    This mod is compatible with both Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together Don't Starve Together version on Steam Don't Starve version on Steam Description The ability to add a waypoint at your position and bring up a list of waypoints to travel towards. Can toggle GUI that displays a list of waypoints (default key is X) Can toggle waypoint indicators and markers (default key is C) Waypoints are persistent and also separate for each world and caves Interactable waypoint markers are displayed on the map! FAQ Q: Why does my character not travel to the waypoint correctly? A: Waypoint mod uses the in-game's move to function to travel to a destination. If the route is too complex, it will make your character travel simply move straight towards destination ignoring any obstacles. Q: [DST] Can other players see my waypoints/markers? A: No, this is a client-only mod which means only you will be able to see your waypoints and markers (therefore it is not shared in any way). Q: How can I add a waypoint? A: This mod is an interface and does not require you to craft anything to use it. The default key is X to bring up the waypoint manager. To add a waypoint, click the flag on the upper right corner of the interface. Q: How can I delete a waypoint? A: To delete a waypoint you need to directly modify the waypoint by bringing up the dialog and you should see the trash icon at the top right corner. To be able to modify any waypoint, you need to toggle edit mode by clicking on the wrench icon on the interface.