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    Placing logs near a lightning rod will bring them to life when the lightning rod is struck by lightning. As per request Installation: * Extract files to mods folder * Enable mod via ingame menu
  2. Frankenlogs

    Version 1.2


    Harness the powers of science and 100 million volts of electricity into ordinary logs and give them a life of their own! So... What exactly does it do? It gives the good ol' Lightning Rod a useful function! Simply construct an ordinary Lightning Rod and place some logs near it on the ground. Later when the lightning rod gets hit by a bolt of lightning the logs will be transformed into Living Logs. Sound a little too OP? You can tweak it to your liking from the mods menu! - Change the range of the Lightning Rod's effect - Make each strike animate all logs in range, or only one log - Decide how likely each lightning strike is to bring a log to life This is a pretty old mod of mine, and I recently started playing this game again and decided to remake it. If you've used my older versions, thanks! And sorry for the delay on updates. Feel free to leave any feedback or suggestions, I'll try my best to read them this time. If you have any compatibility issues or crashes, PLEASE let me know so I can fix them up! Installation: * Extract file to mods folder * Configure and enable mod via Mods menu This mod is also available on the Steam Workshop!
  3. Alright, that doesn't sound too hard. I may not have a chance to do it tonight, but I'll try to get that for you pretty quickly. I should be able to whip it out within 24 hours, it's just getting pretty late tonight.

  4. I'm having others do the art, The codes I need are for the regeration of sanity near fires, does not get hit by the monster in the dark, loses sanity quickly in pure darkness, does more damage to hallucinations.

  5. I can help you with the coding, but art isn't exactly up my alley. You'd be on your own for any artwork.

  6. Hello, Could you help me with codes for my character?