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  1. I've been avoiding doing homework for college. So I drew Maxwell then messed around.
  2. The first is a commission I got wrong because I didn't do the characters in seprate images. One is a Don't Starve OC which I've drawn again.
  3. HAha most of my maxwell's have been dorky this was me winging it for that colour palette I was actually originally gonna have him looking super sad under an umbrella. vAv thank you <3
  4. Not many people come to this topic anymore haha I dunno why I update it, but here you go.
  5. Was requested to draw Wigfrid and I always imagined her as a bigger girl, but I've never drawn one! So there is a first for everything.
  6. A bit too disney for my liking. Paint chat adventures with thesoulessautomatron and automb Paintchat with Maximum124
  7. Apparently those and high thighs were in high demand. Maxwell has many dark secrets B)
  8. Nonono this was on tumblr, it was to do with 'shota' and taking shota elements and putting them on maxwell. I am sorry. x100 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) All the seme wilsons want his bod.
  9. Shota Maxwell has been burned onto your mind for life now. I am so sorry.
  10. More from the 'Don't ask me how this happened' section of my art