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  1. If you can make it in the first world, without full upgrades, why would you want to go do the same thing only with less challenge?
  2. No, I'm in fact talking about using the teleportato in sandbox mode. I clarified that in the OPAfter reading all your answers, I see a few niche uses for it, but overall I find it rather uninteresting.I guess it's for people different from me.
  3. To me, the natural next step after mastering normal sandbox mode is adventure mode.What I don't understand is why you'd ever want to use the Things [in Sandbox mode] to go to the next world. Won't you get the exact same thing, only easier? Therefore less interesting?Please enlighten me.
  4. Coal Pencil

    It shouldn't require a sign, because those require a Science Machine. You need to be able to annotate your map right away, during your exploration start!
  5. Coal Pencil

    That map bloody well needs to be scribbled on. Not having it yet pisses me off.