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  1. That was inspirational. Im going to stick with Pencil and Paper, because I just cannot draw with a mouse. To be honest, the photo was a joke, because that's not Wilson's line to say to rabbits. But now Im just going to keep drawing, pencil and paper style.
  2. I've decided to keep making art. I assume this first one was not a good start, so I will keep practicing, by hand.In a way, I'm glad no one replied, I realized this one is on the brink of being trash can material.
  3. *Powers up, inside a block of solid ice, with pengulls laughing and pointing towards I.S.A.C*-Muffled under atleast a 6 inches of ice- "Curses. Nature gets me every time."*Pengulls jump into the water, with it being summer, the ice slowly melts on its own*"I despise those accursed birds. Time to create friction."*I.S.A.C spins the drill at high speeds, causing a minimal amount of friction to melt the ice, enough for it around a bit to actually drill away the ice*"Ice isn't as drill-resistant as my files had intended, Im already half way out."*I.S.A.C, finishing of the rest of the ice, slides out, and switches his drill to its favorite clamp hand*"I hope those birds have not bested anyone else.""With that out of the way, I suppose I should start to look for resources."*I.S.A.C went off into a forest, drilled and collected logs, cut grass and twigs, and took flint from the ground*
  4. I decided to draw earlier today. realizing I cant draw, I learned a unique art style from a teacher online.So I decided to draw Wilson asking a rabbit a question. I honestly don't know if I will make more.I used Paint to make this, and Ive heard some bad things about paint, so any free art maker thingies that are better, please suggest some.Since I cant figure out how to post it here, I have a link.http://imgur.com/a/FcaHL#0Please tell me what you think.
  5. Name: I.S.A.C (Intelligent Super Advanced Computer) Race: Machine Backstory: It's history files contain nothing of his past, only a picture of a tree and a Text file containing all the hotkeys and manual commands for all instances. Appearance: A gold trimmed metallic cube head, with large interface monitor. A same colored torso, with smaller monitor with command prompt for manual convenience. 2 arms, one with a multi-purpose hand, and the other one with a drill. His waist region, he/it has interchangeable legs, on will. It can roll around slowly on a tri-set of wheels, or walk a load faster with treading tracks like a tank, or if it decides to move at a decent pace, it has animatronic walking legs. (All same style as the other parts) Personality: With the development of AI technology, he is almost 80% human. Still acting like a robot, he tries his best to show empathy for other intelligent life forms. Abilities: Has a interchangeable hand, can change between a drill, a hand, a blade, or a large 2 clawed clamp. Uses food for a crude, workable energy source, along with weak solar cells. Additional Info: Allergic to paradoxes, large information dumps, and the loss of it's prized clamp hand. Doesn't have internet access.TallBird.
  6. (Im very sorry, but this isn't very fun as I expected it. I might come back, if things get a little more organized. Its a bit everywhere, with random happenings. Sorry.)*Self Destructs*
  7. "I am shutting down. Goodbye"*Shuts down*(OOC:That means Im not going to be roleplaying for a while. Bye!)
  8. "Unsure. Beginning drastic option traveler."*Sits there for 4 minutes*"If you were to come, you would be crushed by several boulders, trapping me in the Cave."
  9. "I generate smoke at steady rate, more so when I obtain un-realistic information or get a large dump of information."
  10. "Cave System? Analyzing statement. Cave. I will go when I obtain full battery power."*Smoke dies down to steam*
  11. "Impossible. AU requires to be mined from underground regions. It is too rare to see AU above ground."*Smoke puffs out of back at a increased rate.*
  12. "That is, in-fact, my house. I live there temporarily until I obtain more AU to build more advance objects."*Enters almost empty house, with exception to Log-to-fuel converter*
  13. "Drill 0.1 Deluxe. Crafted with the FE and AU and more effective than any drill on Earth."*Continues to move along.*