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    This is the mod I use to "fix" all the parts of the game that annoy me. Many versions ago, I started this mod with a copy of Personal Backpack Slot mod; props to all the people that wrote and maintained it. Fun for me may not be fun for you, and it must be said that the game is overall moderately easier (not much at first, but definitely in the late game) in this mode. Probably all this stuff exists in other mods. I didn't copy it from there, except for the backpack. Here's what this mod does: - Added backpack slot - Added amulet slot - Tightened Chester's leash a small bit - Chester teleports with you when you use the purple staff - Amulets, staves, and non-combat hats no longer have fuel or durability - Backpack slots and chester slots increased crudely, without fixing the graphics hehe - Heat rock holds 30% more heat - Red hounds don't explode, and their loot tables are similar to blue hounds' - The teleporter base station does not consume its purple gems upon use - Woodie does not turn into a beaver at the full moon (but can still bring it on by chopping) Install: Unzip, drop the SpiffyBackpack folder inside your mods folder, start the game, pick SpiffyBackpack, and off you go.