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  1. I'm going to get 2 beta keys in my email sometime between now and the 15th, and I own Don't Starve, does the frontier pack have something I'm not getting with the beta, or is it just for people who can't wait for DST?
  2. rude under aged sailors get to starve on an island with other people and here i am with my perverbial thumb up my bum, waiting for a key, so i can be friends with people in the hostile environment. :C
  3. this crashes with rpg hud (neat rpg hud 25), i really love this mod (and will like it more when you update it more) but i really love my rpg hud too, if you could update it to fix this crash, that would be great. It's not a huge deal, i'm training myself for DST by not using any mods, but still. Great character, very original.
  4. did you apply for it? if you don't want it, then why did you apply for it? i dont any friends, let alone three, and i still want it :C
  5. double crossing my buttocks that im one in 80,000 that gets a code in my email, i've been checkin it every few minutes and haven't got anything yet