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  1. I had a (for the moment, non murderous) thought about those Gobblers thanks to the last post. Do they spawn in caves and is it possible to then pen them in along with the slurtle/snurtle buddies without any negative consequences? So far I have yet to see one of them spawn underground however, so I may be unlucky/lucky then.

  2. Here I want to ask :How to kill Beardlord (turned bunnyman) with melee weapon without injured?I already try to kite it but it doesn't work to it, so it become bloody take and give punch

    The same way you kill pigs without direct combat: take them to another creature and let them fight it out. When one group completely loses, you always win.

  3. Like TallBird lifeCycles, and didn't kevin mention of the addition of desserts once? There also should be more biome exclusive enemies. I also recall kevin mentioning a long time ago about how farm plots would spawn carnivorous plants, but I think the LurePlant is the spiritual successor of that idea.

    A dessert biome? YUM!DIBS ON THE RARE CHOCOLATE Goose! :)post-63128-13764597923012_thumb.jpg

  4. Is it just me who sees the simple answer?Just like after a certain number of days on the surface winter starts, after a certain number of days (and I know they have a counter since transplanted pigs do turn to were-pigs if you destroy their houses and leave them) down there, you are ejected with whatever you have on you (Chester will work as he currently does with the "two versions" for surface and cave) and the cave is reset or even gone (if the latter, a new cave is randomly spawned somewhere else in the world.) Simple.You can either have a fixed time and have people break down stuff before the deadline, or a random percentage which increases over time each check until it is met. All those people who didn't set up anything on the surface may have to deal with a harsh reality if they have one day's or less amount of food and the surface resources will then take several "days" to reset when they last scavenged it (if they did so immediately before spelunking.)

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  5. Oh, a warning to new players:using space (or if you changed it whatever key is assigned the "Do Action" can be used for multiple things, such as chopping trees when equipped with an axe or mining when with a pickaxe and it will run to pick (up) and collect items that can be harvested if you press and hold it down That written, if you are using any item that can double as a weapon (such as the axe, pickaxe, etc) using this key will ALSO attack any creature if you use it here as a "click all" solution and can accidentily cause unintentional combat (such as attacking beefalo, engaging a tentacle instead of a reed,) trying to pick up something and attacking a nearby hostile, etc.) So it's best to just use your game's mouse or swipe option to collect items if in an area where you could trigger unintentional combat and accidentally kill your character. (As for making the "Do Action" key NOT initiate combat and having another key assignable for that, it's been a long-requested thing and updates as of yet have not disabled combat from the do action key into another assigned key.)

  6. so, what all platforms if Don't Starve available on...?

    Where can I play it?

    For now, Don't Starve comes in 3 flavours, Chrome, Steam and now as a standalone client, each played on Windows, Mac and Linux. Here's the scoop...

    When purchasing through, chrome or steam you will be given a key that can be used on each platform. So, the key you get from steam can also be used in chrome!

    In the Future, you may wanjt to visit their FAQ for questions like this.

    I tried using the above tip for the standalone update and still nothing, just says next build imminent. Is anyone else experiencing this in in the standalone, or has it just not been released yet?

    The game updated just fine in my steam just not in the standalone.

    Anyone know how to transfer saved games from standalone to steam on mac?

    And when their FAQ doesn't have the info, the Don't Starve player-supported Wiki often does. Your answer is here for the location:

    If steam cloud is disabled, players can find their save files under

    Windows: My Document\Klei\DoNotStarve

    Mac OS X: ~/Documents/Klei/DoNotStarve/save

    Finally, users here often have the info. thanks to deathweasel and Simplex, here is the location where Mac Steam files are saved:

    For Steam on OS X, try a path that looks like this:

    /Users/$username/Library/Application Support/Steam/userdata/$somenumber/$someothernumber/remote

    $username is your username and $somenumber and $someothernumber are arbitrary numbers. You'll probably have to search for survival_1 in the userdata directory to find the exact path.

    You know, if you had written $USER instead of $username the part before the numerical ids would actually work if simply copy-pasted in a terminal :p

    So, find the save files which are often called survival_1 or adventure_1 or caves_1 (the sandbox, adventure or caves mode you are in, and each save have a higher number such as "adventure_1" "Adventure_2" etc. ) and copy and paste respectively for the save games!

    Here is a list of files in the game save file:

    profile: files that record a player's experience and characters unlocked.

    survival_(number): a player's save in Sandbox Mode.

    adventure_(number): a player's save in Adventure Mode.

    cave_(number): a player's save in Cave.

    saveindex: description for all save slots in "Choose A Slot" menu.

    Finally, don't forget to copy the profile and saveindex files which saves your settings and characters unlocked! So, copy the saves and profile/index from your installed steam location to your mac Standalone and it should work! if not, you may need to create a new game, save and quit, then copy the files over (yes it's okay to overwrite the new game's save/settings file now.)

  7. Lag since the version update while playing on Steam but not standalone--I finally got a screenshot (with the debug of course) when I was not in a mob of enemies (only WX-78 hit by lightning and the forest is on fire...wheee) Not only did the game lag, it caused my system to lag too while the game was running (yes I realize I have a lower end system than others, but the standalone does not do this, nor do other Steam games do this.) Here is my screenshot for your since I had to exit from the lag, so it saved my game, here's a copy of the save game (never hurts being proactive, right?)I guess I will hold onto the text converted save so let me know if you need anything else...and feel free to move this reply to wherever it should go if applicable.


  8. Okay, sometimes on Steam, the game lag paused to where even clicking is delayed a couple of seconds of which I have not noticed in standalone. This is true even if Steam is in "offline mode"

    Ironically, when this happened multiply, I was in the middle of [censored] combat and it just happened to be "one enemy spawns many if aggro enemies" mobs, so I can't screenshot a perma-dead character.

    [Takes a deep was less than twenty days, you can re-do it...just don't throw the computer out the window...I'm sure the walking cane set piece will spawn again really soon...just slllooooowly put the computer down and close the window NOW's only a's only a game... {screams, running off into to corner and curls into fetal ball, sobbing...but the computer's window flight was canceled.}]

    Seriously, should it happen again, I'll try and immediately grab a screenshot before my apparently inevitable death (that one was number five.)

    Any other..."problems"...would fall under NSFW language and the few words I could post would be, "Dammit game, you cheated! You mother...." [and that's about where profanity and common courtesy make me have to stop posting when I die in some horribly terrible manner...but perfectly stable then of course...the game that is, not my temper :p]