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  1. Are we seriously agreeing to this?Using a gobbler for any talk we want to do? That sounds annoying.IF it is put into the game,it should be a server option or something.  This just sounds like a waste of time and a pain to me.


    My position on all Gobblers must die




    I so loathe gobblers. My "luck" means every 3 or 4 they pop up. I get lots of turkey dinners I have to make sure don't spoil often even with cold boxes. 



    has not changed. If there was a "kill them all" option, I would have voted that.


    I also agreed to all spammers should be changed into Wes and be mocked by Flare2V for "not being able to talk" 


    (And am searching for a girl gamer who loves to murder gobblers too.) 

  2. :o ! Flare2V would be insulted!

    Who do you think would be teasing them! ;)


    I mean I'd love it but my girlfriend murders every Gobbler she sees on sight so I'm afraid I'd be contributing significantly to the extinction of their species sending her messages. She would literally shoot the messenger... Then eat it.

    *sigh* why can't I find a girl gamer like this? 

  3. Klei said something like this in phase 1 "description": "We will expand the numbers (keys for closed beta applicants) when phase 2 starts, but don't hold your breath for this week (which now is the past week)." So is it going to be this week? I really need to know so I can make plans with my friends to play "Together", I mean "(...)but don't hold your breath for this week(...)" it can be in the next month or year (for exemple)...
    Not Klei, me. 
    Which got you here from "mah key" if you remember. 

    Where's mah key?!?!?!



    I...don't get it?
    When will we have the chance to play it?

    When you are accepted, but don't hold your breath for this week.



    Come on Klei, I can't wait, Hurry up!  @SethR Please, Phase 2! Don't let us starve, Feed us with more Info


    (plus countless others like this) 



    DST Beta Update - Sept 22nd
    Hey everybody!
    So, there has been a lot of buzz about the Don’t Starve Together Beta. Lots of speculation on who will get in and why. We have been watching, reading and listening to all the questions, ideas and suggestions. I thought it would be a good idea to drop by and add some new answers to the questions I have seen since the beta announcement. 
    We still have a little bit to go until Don’t Starve Together plays right. We have some changes that want to make before players get a chance to play DST in large numbers. Mainly this comes down to the fact that it's not a good representation of what Don’t Starve Together should be. What is most important right now is that we have people who can help us verify that new systems are working as they should, rather than testing the game itself.
    So I want to take a moment to explain where DST will be when you first get your hands on it, and where it will be a bit further down the road.
    You can also check out our most recent “Rhymes with Play Devcast” for more info on where the game is currently. 
    "What's going on with Don't Starve Together currently?"
    Similar to the early days of Don’t Starve, we have one goal in mind; Making Don’t Starve Together a remarkable experience. So this means that our first priority is to provide the uncompromising survival game that you all know and love. Gameplay wise, the team is concentrating on making DST not just Don’t Starve with multplayer, but an experience unique to Don’t Starve Together. Something that provides new challenges and opportunities for discovery; but still feels like Don’t Starve.  
    When we first approached Don’t Starve Together, we had a firm understanding that we couldn't just slap multiplayer into the game and it would be fine. However, for a good portion of DST development so far, we have been primarily focused on the technical end of things, and we are only really now getting a chance to dive into gameplay and balance. 
    This will be an exciting and fun experience as we shape the DST world according to the feedback and information we gather during beta. But, it is extremely important that everybody understands that this is truly a beta in active development. 
    "What are the early goals for beta?"
    The first players of Don’t Starve Together will work with us to shape the early stages of this new Don’t Starve experience. Sometimes it will be too difficult. Sometimes it will be too easy. Sometimes it will be broken, and sometimes it will just be wrong. All along the way, we will be keeping everybody in the loop and talking about our progress as we move forward. 
    We know that not everybody plays Don't Starve in the same way. The later phases of beta will include tweaks and changes that allow you to have a more custom experience. So if you like a more relaxed and slower paced version of Don’t Starve, you may want to wait until the later stages of beta. This is when we will be focusing on things like map and server customization, mods and world generation options.  
    Some of these things will added earlier in beta, but we won’t be putting a lot of focus on it until the real core of Don’t Starve Together is in place. 
    "How and when are keys being given out?"
    2 Million keys have been generated (Yes, 2 million), and while we are quite itchy to get them out, we have some things to take care of first.
    Phase 1 - "Friends and Family"
    This week, we will start by giving keys to people we know from as far and wide as possible. This is what is usually called “Friends & Family beta” and is done to help us find any major issues that we might have overlooked before sending it out to the general public. 
    Phase 2 - "Beta Registration Applicants"
    Shortly after that, we will extend that circle out a bit more by bringing in people who registered for beta. We will be letting in small groups of people at first. As we prove that we are able to support the load, we will increase these numbers. 
    We do not have a defined timeline for how often groups will be invited or how large those groups will be. This will be determined entirely by our ability to support the amount of people coming in and what needs to be done in order for everybody to have the smoothest experience possible....



    And (again,) when they are ready, then they will announce Phase 2, not sooner. 


  4. Come on Klei! Hand over the beta keys already!





    I would say the same. I know that you must have everything done before handing keys over but come on...

    Instead of being excited I am now annoyed and bored of waiting.

    They aren't going to hand over the keys at 5:08 and 6:46 AM.


    Klei has to get up and go to work at GMT -7 time first, let alone announce if they are ready to begin phase 2 testing. 


    Now please be patient everybody and remember for any event:


    Their time zone, not yours. 

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  5. How do these threads not get locked immediately?


    Tomer has made so many now, I don't think the "No, read this thread for info" method is working at all.



    Klei is keeping the open expression idea here, but if these threads go off the rails/multiply too much they will be locked by a Mod or Admin member. Klei reserves the right to change their minds though and lock threads that disrupt too much.


    Thanks everybody for responding properly with what was explained so far. 

  6. Oh look, I've migrated to this post... :wilsoncj::yaymultipl:



    The BETA hype is real. My brother, his best friend, my best friend, and I are pumped to play it.  :juggling:


    I have been hyped for DST since the entire prospect was released to the public months ago. Poor me thought it would be a rather short process. Sadly, I was wrong, and the waiting is killing me! I can't wait for Phase 2 to launch, I expect great things from this, Klei, and I am almost positive you won't let me down.


    (Imagine how hyped Klei people must feel right now too?)


    Welcome to the party everybody! hope we all can attend soon! 

  7. kill me. i hate saying things that other people think are stupid. just kill me already!




    Calm down. Everybody makes mistakes. You shouldn't take things too seriously, especially on the forums, where you're supposed to have fun.


    *sounds of the militia lock and loading their riffles aiming their guns* 



    Have fun,


    OR ELSE! 






    im actually a fist with rabbit ears.

    I always thought it was...ya know what, I can't say what I thought it was here after all  



    *goes off for another round of ECT therapy never to think about it again* :p