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  1. I'll pat her head much much later, thanks.
  2. *has a look of wisdom about some stuff privately mentioned to another, but that's it for now.*
  3. Forgive my non-intellectual response to this, but SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
  4. I'm surprised you didn't suggest a hug...or would that cause an explosion?
  5. My position on all Gobblers must die has not changed. If there was a "kill them all" option, I would have voted that. I also agreed to all spammers should be changed into Wes and be mocked by Flare2V for "not being able to talk" (And am searching for a girl gamer who loves to murder gobblers too.)
  6. Who do you think would be teasing them! *sigh* why can't I find a girl gamer like this?
  7. I so loathe gobblers. My "luck" means every 3 or 4 they pop up. I get lots of turkey dinners I have to make sure don't spoil often even with cold boxes.
  8. Not Klei, me. Which got you here from "mah key" if you remember. (plus countless others like this) And (again,) when they are ready, then they will announce Phase 2, not sooner.
  9. They aren't going to hand over the keys at 5:08 and 6:46 AM. Klei has to get up and go to work at GMT -7 time first, let alone announce if they are ready to begin phase 2 testing. Now please be patient everybody and remember for any event: Their time zone, not yours.
  10. I just know ponies and tentacles will make their way into it *skips*
  11. I have a problem with there's no replayability once you get to 20 20 20 etc. custom. how will the sequel skip this problem?
  12. Klei is keeping the open expression idea here, but if these threads go off the rails/multiply too much they will be locked by a Mod or Admin member. Klei reserves the right to change their minds though and lock threads that disrupt too much. Thanks everybody for responding properly with what was explained so far.
  13. See here. This is the second thread about this posted in 7 hours. it won't speed it up more. When it's ready they will announce.
  14. (Imagine how hyped Klei people must feel right now too?) Welcome to the party everybody! hope we all can attend soon!
  15. I have an idea...lemme know when I'm in the queue.
  16. Always use Pigs or beefalo until you have enough Toothtraps. Or wear Marble suits on attack. Your call.
  17. I was just about to call us Aboriginal, good catch!
  18. *sounds of the militia lock and loading their riffles aiming their guns* Have fun, OR ELSE! I always thought it was...ya know what, I can't say what I thought it was here after all *goes off for another round of ECT therapy never to think about it again*
  19. He thinks they are not insane. All the insane people say that of course. (At least he didn't write "eccentric.")