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  1. Plan sometime after normal local business hours. And remember, due to this being the final touches for the public beta release, expect it not to be just after 9 AM -7 GMT.
  2. If they mention in in a public twitch Stream, and I was mentioning the dropped hints earlier, they are ready to start this Monday.
  3. Not if it gets loicked for repeated bumping. Trust me, the topic has enough interest to last a few days. While officially the week starts on a Sunday, the unofficial "work" week starts Monday. Having Klei people come in on a Sunday recognized day of rest (whether caused by secular or religious reasons in the Western world) to work when people aren't expecting it would not fare as well.
  4. Registered here shortly after I got the DS game and was playing it thanks to Vanguard of Valor's playthroughs. I've mentioned this a lot of other times in many threads, so not much else to say about it again.
  5. yep, like in the regular Single Player DS game (but the health loss without keeping them this time.)
  7. if you want to hear some different news, you might want to watch the twitch stream when they archive it from today.
  8. I was going for girlishly cute and bubbly personality. (Edit: the closest other person I can remember talking like that is Lacey Chabert.) Sure, your voice is high-pitched. Mine kinda sounds deep and dorky. We all got our things.
  9. Would that make Lucy the Axe Bonnie or Eva Braun?
  10. It's been so long ago, I really don't remember. Maybe darkness. Maybe spiders. Edit: And @MenaAthena, you sound EXACTLY like I thought your personality would be!
  11. Do Tallbirds and Mandrakes get along?
  12. yeah, I'll give you 10 gold nuggets if you somehow can show me how to do step 2 on a gobbler without Photoshop.
  13. It was a heated battle, but for the sake of our freedoms, we are tarrifing the heck out of other foreign automobiles to stop the undercutting of the market. World economy my ass. See China for gaming the system.
  14. Assuming we join the assembly of course. And we could be invaded back.
  15. Look, this has been brought up and explained on multiple threads. Once again: Klei is in Vancouver, BC, Canada in the continent of North America and uses the North American calendar seasonal dates. That means Autumn started on September 22, 2014. Winter starts December 21, 2014. That's about 10 days of fall, not the middle of the approximate 91 day period. This also is true when they post a time for events. Use GMT -7 (or GMT -8 after November 2) So consider this proactively answered for everybody when they ask why the streams haven't started when their clock shows it's the 'time they started it already." (And Klei said they would try and start this by Autumn, which includes private Friends and Family. There was no promise they would be ready for the public at this time--which since we are not receiving keys, is true. But they should be very soon, or they wouldn't be dropping hints about it.)
  16. Does that error happen if that is the only mod enabled? If not, enable one additional mod at a time until you find the mod that conflicts with it. But if so, the author will need to continue with troubleshooting rather than simply address a conflict
  17. Hail Fourchania! For some reason, it pains (and excites) me to look too deeply into your country though! While Seekeria is freedom-based, we defend our freedoms quite vigorously! With this growing alliance, I suggest-should we decide to enter the Assembly in the future- we fight back against these Spamming recruitment telegraphers for freedom and glory!! (Yeah, sure we could set our preferences, but how are we supposed to warmonger and covertly support the industrial military complex that way?)
  18. *took a while with the Kosher and Halal people but* Seekeria welcomes our newest Land of Bacons!
  19. The newly recognized Free Land of Seekeria welcome you all to defend and prosper in the region of Checkmate!