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  1. And now it's time for Silly Songs With Mena, the part of the thread where Mena comes out and sings a silly song.

    So without further ado, Silly Songs With Mena.


    The Beta Key Song


    Ooooooh, every body's got a Together Beta key!

    Your's ends with two and mine with three

    How they were distributed, I don't know!

    But everyone's got a Together beta key-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!


    Well, I put my beta key into Steam!

    Jumped up and down with a scream,

    Spilled my coffee beans on the floor!

    And then Cthulhu-


    *JoeW runs up interrupting the song* 

    "Stop! Stop it! Stop it right this instant! What do you thing you're doing? You cannot say every one has a beta when every one does NOT have a beta key! We're going to get nasty threads saying 'Where's MY beta key?!' 'Why don't I have a beta key?!' Are you prepared to deal with that? I don't think so! So stop. Being. So. Silly!"

    *JoeW walks off the thread*


    This has been Silly Songs With Mena. Tune in next time to hear Mena sing,


    Oooooooh, every body's seen the next trailer puzzle!

    The screams of delight we cannot muzzle.

    We can try too-


    *JoeW deletes the post* 




    (No one will get this reference. NO ONE! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

    But I do. 

  2. Alright then, for discussion.


    I disagree with :


    "Starvation will be a big problem for larger groups of people."


    In DS I produce far more food than I require - I could easily support 4 people with my farms without putting much more effort into it.



    Oh I totally agree that late game farming and beehives will sustain 4 people, or more.


    It's the early game that will be the challenge. There are only so many berries and carrots to go around, plus the meat if you hunt or capture for it. But if you play with friends that like to adventure around side by side, gathering will be a problem (including food for 4).


    With that being said, challenges are good and can be overcome by a group of friends.

    I can confirm starvation is a problem with early game and 4 players. Don't use your "but there's plenty of food in single player" logic as you need four TIMES as much. The increased 'phants just about covers it. 


    I'm scared, someone hold me!


    I don't hug spiders. 

  3. how do you plant flowers?



    You can catch butterflies with a bug net. You can then plant them like you plant pine cones, and it will turn into a flower.



    interesting.... is this confirmed?



    Yup. I recently read it somewhere, and decided to try it out. My base now has a pretty flower garden.



    im guessing your a girl...


    but me as a guy, ill make one for myself too ^^ 



    Butterfly flower planting has been a DS SP staple since the beginning.  


    Most often, players use a bug net to capture then plant 5 butterflies to flowers per Bee Box crafted.

    So you're very likely to plant them too, Jennifer ;)

  4. It's just not worth it. You need to capture bees from a destroyed beehive or box and release them so they are rogue. Next you need to build a wall around the area (multi-tiered in a very specific pattern in staggering stages.)



    It's just easier if you get RoG add-on and handle planted flowers after a full moon that turn evil. 


    See here:


    and here:


  5. The DST Beta Key Lament.

    A rhyming couplet. 


    Originally brought to you by this thread



    They keys are now public, 

    they have begun to start.


    But many get none, 

    it breaks their heart. 


    They yell and they scream,

    and cry a lot too.


    (Did some hold their breath for a key?

    A few!)


    "it's not fair," they explained!

    "I should be playing right now!


    L00|< @ 0UR /\/\4D 5|<1LL5"

    *truth raises an eyebrow*


    "You have millions of keys,

    can't I get one too?


    Why can't we also play,

    like them or like you?"


    Again the taxed Moderator,

    lets out a big sigh


    "I can't say you'll like it,

    but here're reasons why:



    First off this phase just hit,

    not 1 but now 2. 


    It happened on Wednesday,


    so it's pretty darn new!


    it means the keys that are let out,

    are not many at all,


    the registered users

    with keys are quite small!"



    "How small," they then ask?


    "I'll say what's been said.


    less than one percent given, 

    your craving barely fed!


    More keys will be given

    from 8 to then 5


    Check your emails and PM's

    to keep hope alive


    For the problem is access

    stability too;


    if too many get on now,

    nobody gets through! 



    So the number is small

    to start, so we see


    if all of you log,

    and stay on properly.



    As things get much better,

    and the bugs then stay squashed,


    more users will get access

    and this worry will be quashed.



    This game's still, very early

    all all you can see. 

    (when it is not crashing,

    as seen on [Twitch] TV)


    And don't forget those

    who could not register

    they wish to play too

    (we'll see if we can administer!)



    And finally do not, 

    forget that there's more


    adding into DST

    that Klei has in store! 


    So when the game works well

    and it can take the load,


    all registered will get keys

    before they implode. 



    And Klei will, then try

    to get friends playing too


    covering registered and those not

    (and hopefully you!)



    So believe that we're trying

    to get you playing and badass


     before your life is full

     of eternal sadness.


    But give Klei time,

    to make DST true



    then the next DST player

    will definately be you!"


    With that, truth then departs

    he hoped this helped some,


    from the throngs of desperate users

    just looking to have fun. 

  6. Put a picture of a starving child next to that of a starving puppy. Most of the time, people sympathize with the puppy more. Probably something psychological going on there.

    The Holy Empire of Luggonia has joined.

    it just hit me: why doesn't one group eat the other? 



    Hup, hup, hoorah!

    And welcome to Checkmate! 

  7. Do they import or export pianos? 




    *as a goodwill gift, Seekeria sends Nayan Cat an exquisite Hard-Rock Maple wood piano with keys made from Ebony and (repurposed, not recently killed) Ivory. *