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  1. Damnit @Palpetinus !  


    I want to play again if the OP and others do.  We haven't gotten to the good part yet!


    Although I haven't played at all yet, but... 

    I've been lurking

    ... like a creeper.

    *block filter palpetinus's responses nyahh* 


    Speaking of "creep," who is that new avatar crawling around Lady Meda? She looks so familiar but my mind is blocking who she is.  

  2. What if i dont have reign of giants will i not be able to play with other people?

    What if i dont have reign of giants will i not be able to play with other people?

    Again, please don't ask new questions in Archived Areas.


    Read the FAQ in the current area.




    Will Don't Starve Together support Reign of Giants content?

    Reign of Giants content will not be available for Don’t Starve Together at this time. 



    Since the warning was ignored, this topic is now closed. 

  3. I'm a sinister and observant fellow of no obvious gender. I have a soft heart for certain things, but a degree of ruthlessness for others. I am an intimate of devils, the Quiet Deviless, to be more specific. I have a certain affinity for the Rubbery Men, and have taken almost any steps necessary to help them out when needed. I have forgotten about my ties to the surface, and have resolved to live in The Neath for the rest of my life, a true citizen of the underground if you will. All that said, I have a certain sadness about me, nothing major, but its... enough.

    Due to our...alliance with the Rubbery men, I have-as asked-vouched for your location, at cost of some suspicion to my own reputation. Fortunately, my title is not truthSPEAKER. I expect suitable gratitude in such future unarrested movements. 

  4. Cave content is not added. Therefore, if you spawn a sinkhole, it will crash the game. Please don't console add sinkholes until cave content is added. Once that is so and it still crashes this way, new Bug Reports can be made. If sinkholes are somehow "naturally" found, please avoid them at this time until cave content is added.



    Thanks for understanding this.