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  1. So, when you absolutely BEAUTIFUL people at Klei get around to making merch, I would really like to see a chess set for DS. It would be so cool! You could have different sides with different pieces :3 Maxwells side: King - Maxwell Queen - Spider Queeen Rook - Clockwork Rook Bishop - Clockwork Bishop Knight - Clockwork Knight Pawn - Hound Wilsons side: King - Wilson Queen - Chester (Would be hilarious) Rook - Tallbird Knight - Pigman Bishop - Bunnyman? Mactusk? Pawn - Mandrake? This is just a example of what could happen. I would buy that in .000000000000001 seconds.
  2. I have not really had a scary moment, but the worst would have to be when I was gathering berries by the ocean and then SQUAA SQUAA SQUAA PENGULLS OUT OF NOWHERE