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  1. TO KLEI CREW : GUYS I LOVE YOU !!! you always have been close of your fans, always listened you community. i remember the halloween contest you was always open and ready to help us. video games industrie need more studio like you !!! i dont find words to say how much i'm so happy by this announcement and how much i love you !! it's gonna be so cool to be able to develop mods with friends and be able to test them together... (i think at my bro Afro1967) KLEI, I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOUUUUUUUUUU !!!!
  2. Santa mod

    yeah i guess we have to balance a bit the hat afro like do op stuff =p it's the fish farm an other mod from Afro1967
  3. Santa mod

    Version 1.0


    It's the Season folks! The Santa Mod includes 3 items. -Santa's Cane -Santa's Hat -Santa's Vest -Santa's Cane gives you a speed boost of x 1.7 and is infinite -Santa's Hat Gives you armor of Ruins Hat complete with forcefield -Santa's Vest of course is just as good as any ol Puffy Vest -All 3 items are craftable under the DRESS TAB -Recipe = -Santa's Cane = 1 cane and 1 red gem -Santa's Hat = 15 beefalo wool, 5 silk and 1 sewing kit -Santa's Vest = 20 beefalo wool, 1 sewing kit and 2 heat rocks Note: Beard Hair has been modded to grow white to match outfit There will be more added to this mod soon,Snowman,Snowballs who knows? -modmain.lua TUNING = dont starve\mods\workshop-205401640 TUNING.ARMOR_SANTA_HAT = 1200 TUNING.ARMOR_SANTA_HAT_ABSORPTION = 0.9 TUNING.ARMOR_SANTA_HAT_PROC_CHANCE = 0.75 TUNING.ARMOR_SANTA_HAT_COOLDOWN = 1 TUNING.ARMOR_SANTA_HAT_DURATION = 6 TUNING.ARMOR_SANTA_HAT_DMG_AS_SANITY = 0.05 TUNING.SANTA_HAT_INSULATION = seg_time*4 TUNING.SANTA_HAT_DAPPERNESS = 100/(day_time*10) TUNING.SANTA_VEST_PERISHTIME = total_day_time*15 TUNING.SANTA_VEST_INSULATION = seg_time*8 TUNING.SANTA_VEST_DAPPERNESS = 100/(day_time) TUNING.CANDYCANE_DAMAGE = 50 TUNING.CANDYCANE_SPEED_MULT = 1.7 Have fun! As always comments and suggestions are welcome made by Afro1967 and Blackbow
  4. Haunted House

    about update to be honnest i cant rly say ... don't rly have the time to work on it atm =/ and no you cant find the house on existing world that's why u still can craft it ... or you will have to generate a new world.
  5. Wall Gates

    could be nice if we could upgrade gate like the normal walls
  6. (abandoned) RPG HUD

    BEST MOD EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Haunted House

    yeah i saw your witch and your "waverly be witched" mod you did rly an amazing job their dude =) i guess you had in mind to mix our mod with your witch , but it's a bit late now for halloween and i think in close future we will have to rebuild all our mod to fix some bugs with spriter =p
  8. Haunted House

    should be not crash anymore. feel free to report bugs
  9. Haunted House

    @ NabellaLyn777 : yeah sometimes it crash we work on it dont forget it's work in progress verion. @ TRENTOMINOUS : i know you all dream to go inside our houses but no no no no you cant go inside. its work like a tent.
  10. Haunted House

    @ Teoss69 : like for the wilson's house everybody ask us if there is interior. no i'm sorry there is no interior, but i think about form a group of people to make it possible, but that will need lot of work and time. @ Gummie : i'm working on new description, new screen... the thing is i would keep a part of mystery around the reward to tempt people to use the mod. but yes the reward is the witch hat but shhhhhh edit : a craftable wizard hat should be added in future
  11. Haunted House

    edit : As you know, 'Don't Starve' is full of legends and old stories, one day a pig talked to me about an old house in the middle of a dark forest. He said, "if you find it, be careful! The house is haunted, a witch is prowling around and she can control evil monsters!" It's pretty hard to believe that anyone would be brave enough to turn off their lights when coming close too the pig house! The only way too know if this stupid pig is right, will be to travel by yourself through many lands in search of this mysterious haunted house. Good luck! IMPORTANT : this mod is made for the klei halloween mod challenge. keep in mind the mod is still work in progress, many glitch/bugs are still present. please be lenient with us, we had only short period to make this mod. we got many issues with spriter (animation tools) and still got some... but we keep working hard to fix it. "clickable area to go sleep is not aligned with the door, click on right low side of the door to go sleep." This mod make spawn one haunted house somewhere on the map. when you found the haunted house you will have to fight some mobs before beeing able to sleep inside. when the night come you can finally sleep inside, atm the house work like a tent. you cant visit inside of the house !!! at the morning your reward will spawn front of the house. the reward is a witch hat with speed and armor bonus. till the mod is in work in progress state, you can craft the haunted house via structures tab. knowed bugs and things we have to fix: - on craftable version of house spider egg spawn at wrong place and is unreachable with melee weapon, time to fix this use ranged weapons like fire staff or boomerang trop break the egg. this bug don't affect the random house spawned randomly on map. - because this mod is based on wilson's house mod, shape of house is wrong and you can still pass though walls, and we still feel the circle shape of wilson's house. - the clickable area to go sleep is not aligned with the door, time to fix this to be abble to go sleep in house click on right low side of the door. - on mini map haunted house have the fridge icon. - sometimes a merm is spawning instead of spider egg. planing change : - add a wizard hat - add a broom - animate evil face of the house coding and animation : Afro1967 graphic artist : Blackbow big thx to klei comunity, cheerio, TheDanaAddams, Malacath ... yeah finally !!!! =) first of all guys if you find the house be ready for hard fights second we had tons of problem and no luck trying to make this cursed mod (broken my wacom tablet ,spriter bugs...)so there is maybe some glitch and we are sry for that we gonna try to fix it later. also big thx to afro , to klei comunity, cheerio, TheDanaAddams, Malacath ...
  12. Halloween Mod Challenge

    yeah he will have to go sleep soon i guess ... he will proably send you tomorow or he will find a way to make it work quote : Afro1967: ok cool i'm off to bed i feel better now hat is working and the animation is working i can sleep good,but the hat is gonna be badass let me tell ya later bro
  13. Halloween Mod Challenge

    Our haunted house mod cursed us, we have some trouble with the mod !! we need help :'( edit : it's fixed thx cheerio
  14. Halloween Mod Challenge

    rly cool you extended deadline, we were in late. small preview of our mod =)
  15. Halloween Mod Challenge

    nice contest idea i'm working with afro1967 (wilson's house moder) on a mod for halloween i just knew about the challenge like 2 days ago we are a bit in late just have 13 days to finish it. but should be ok i'm a kind of artist and want to tell you thx, some of your tutorial helped me (exept for the spriter tutoial the image quality dont rly allow to read on screen) DS is like a ******* sand box for moder/artist long life to ds and his comunity
  16. OPcane Multi-Tool!

    hey i rly like this mod but i'm not fan of the light u added especialy during the day. so i have a small idea / suggestion: when you put the cane on ground u can click right on it to turn off the light effect. i love all your mods bro !!!!
  17. Too Many Items

    oki doki if u need any help for solving this or any information ... good luck to find what's the problem =p
  18. Too Many Items

    hello first of all a big thx for this very good mod. i have a small bug when i press T it put some picture of item on bottom left of the screen
  19. (abandoned) RPG HUD

    welcome back we are all so addicted to your mod it's hard to play without it now =p