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  1. TO KLEI CREW : GUYS I LOVE YOU !!! you always have been close of your fans, always listened you community. i remember the halloween contest you was always open and ready to help us. video games industrie need more studio like you !!! i dont find words to say how much i'm so happy by this announcement and how much i love you !! it's gonna be so cool to be able to develop mods with friends and be able to test them together... (i think at my bro Afro1967) KLEI, I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOUUUUUUUUUU !!!!
  2. yeah i guess we have to balance a bit the hat afro like do op stuff =p it's the fish farm an other mod from Afro1967
  3. Version 1.0


    It's the Season folks! The Santa Mod includes 3 items. -Santa's Cane -Santa's Hat -Santa's Vest -Santa's Cane gives you a speed boost of x 1.7 and is infinite -Santa's Hat Gives you armor of Ruins Hat complete with forcefield -Santa's Vest of course is just as good as any ol Puffy Vest -All 3 items are craftable under the DRESS TAB -Recipe = -Santa's Cane = 1 cane and 1 red gem -Santa's Hat = 15 beefalo wool, 5 silk and 1 sewing kit -Santa's Vest = 20 beefalo wool, 1 sewing kit and 2 heat rocks Note: Beard Hair has been modded to grow white to match outfit There will be more added to this mod soon,Snowman,Snowballs who knows? -modmain.lua TUNING = dont starve\mods\workshop-205401640 TUNING.ARMOR_SANTA_HAT = 1200 TUNING.ARMOR_SANTA_HAT_ABSORPTION = 0.9 TUNING.ARMOR_SANTA_HAT_PROC_CHANCE = 0.75 TUNING.ARMOR_SANTA_HAT_COOLDOWN = 1 TUNING.ARMOR_SANTA_HAT_DURATION = 6 TUNING.ARMOR_SANTA_HAT_DMG_AS_SANITY = 0.05 TUNING.SANTA_HAT_INSULATION = seg_time*4 TUNING.SANTA_HAT_DAPPERNESS = 100/(day_time*10) TUNING.SANTA_VEST_PERISHTIME = total_day_time*15 TUNING.SANTA_VEST_INSULATION = seg_time*8 TUNING.SANTA_VEST_DAPPERNESS = 100/(day_time) TUNING.CANDYCANE_DAMAGE = 50 TUNING.CANDYCANE_SPEED_MULT = 1.7 Have fun! As always comments and suggestions are welcome made by Afro1967 and Blackbow
  4. about update to be honnest i cant rly say ... don't rly have the time to work on it atm =/ and no you cant find the house on existing world that's why u still can craft it ... or you will have to generate a new world.
  5. Blackbow

    Wall Gates

    could be nice if we could upgrade gate like the normal walls
  6. yeah i saw your witch and your "waverly be witched" mod you did rly an amazing job their dude =) i guess you had in mind to mix our mod with your witch , but it's a bit late now for halloween and i think in close future we will have to rebuild all our mod to fix some bugs with spriter =p
  7. should be not crash anymore. feel free to report bugs
  8. @ NabellaLyn777 : yeah sometimes it crash we work on it dont forget it's work in progress verion. @ TRENTOMINOUS : i know you all dream to go inside our houses but no no no no you cant go inside. its work like a tent.