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  1. I am thinking it was created far before Maxwell and Charlie went there, I mean where did the shadows come from? Where did the book come from? Did anyone find the book before Maxwell?


    Me too. But not the DS land, i mean just the Nightmare Land where the Throne is. After they came, then the land was created, and acts like a way to the Throne or something like that.


    I dunno, but i think that the shadows are just devil minions, but in a down level...Well, the shadows are demons, not the devil.


    Oh, my head hurts xD

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  2. everything is connected. They'll make new DLC with a Space Adventure Mode, where you go to the moon and fight the Werebeaver and his army of Werepigs.

    Edit: whoops, sorry for the double post. Could any mod please merge them or something?


    I would like more to see another world with the moon, like cave does. You know, a way to go and then you see a lot of biomes.


    If the moon takes a place would be awesome to have some weird biomes and new stuff. This is DS and everything has a bit weird or creepy things.

  3. Well, I was talking about co-op...but imagine that : Webber "woops...I planted a spider nest on Wilson's sign..." xD

    I know but there out are there so many trolls D:


    Or think in Maxwell:"Sorry, i just made a mistake and called the bigfoot in the midle of your base!"

  4. My idea'd add a use to signs : where there's one, the player will spawn after connecting. The sign will emit light and warmth\cold for a short time. If there's no sign the player will spawn where he was.

    I just can think in trolls making walls over your spawn point.

  5. This is a bit tough to tackle, my one of my suggestions that I can think of is for you to spawn in next to a fire (if its night or winter) as there will probably be one going or to spawn with a torch if there is none. Maybe some season appropriate clothes if its winter or summer? But then there's the problem of "let me just rejoin and get some free stuff"


    The only other suggestion that I can think of is spawn immunity, a certain amount of time where you aren't affected by darkness/damage/temperature but you can't do anything besides pick things up. Maybe spawn next to the most players.




    because it's implied that you can get to multiplayer through singleplayer by building a portal, the idea is to just give players the chance to prepare before they go join other people? But then you have the problem of you don't know what you're preparing for.


    I don't know, this does really seem like a big problem and my ideas probably aren't that helpful.

    I think that if we build the "Wilson Door" when we want to make a trip to another world will be there a menu for show us info about the current world, the owner, the season, the day, etc.

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  6. I guess all ill have the same format,but,when the host goes to caves,he makes a,votation,if players are ready or not.

    The same thing is the saving the world,maybe appers a mensage: "The server ill close in X seconds"

    In the world generation i guess u can enable/disable the PvP,and i guess ill have only a glommer.

    So let's play together in this summer sis? i'm rly exited :3

    Sry,don't speak english very well

    You have my word, lets play this summer.

    And one glommer is enough, at least for me.

  7. I dont know what deal we will have with the time.

    Make a base is not too easy in a short time lapse, i hope we can save the worlds for play it later with friends.


    And if we get pvp with RoG i just think in everybody in full moon going to the glommers place and fighting for the materials.


    If someone gets it, say bye to your base, the bigfoot is coming...