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  1. Mysterious notes?

    Nope. If i am talking seriusly about that, would be a overaltered version of the ruins, but in the surface, with more details and another resources. If i could do that, i would do it.
  2. Mysterious notes?

    We maybe need something without go out of the planet. I would love a Nightmare-Dreamy world. When you go insane the Dreamy world turns on a scary place and when you go sane it is a really pretty good place. I am crazy, huehuehue
  3. Mysterious notes?

    I want to know why Maxwell bothered Wilson in DS world. From where are their ties?
  4. Mysterious notes?

    Forget it xd
  5. Mysterious notes?

    Obviusly, but that be a troll thing that the grass food and i will die. If i had a issue writing, my apologies, i believe i had one.
  6. Mysterious notes?

    Where theres a wilson, theres a way. Maybe he finally could make a way out of Dont Starve.
  7. Mysterious notes?

    Ok, the illusion is gone.
  8. Mysterious notes?

    I dont know. Here is it Bug?
  9. Mysterious notes?

    I dont know. Maybe a word game. Where theres a Wilson. And i dont see it meh
  10. Mysterious notes?

    If you see the main menu in the game, Wilson is not in there. Yesterday it was there.
  11. Mysterious notes?

    I dont know why Charlie is the monster night. Charlie its so pretty. Meh
  12. Mysterious notes?

    I forgot the modders. I need to see that mod, can someone give me the link?
  13. Mysterious notes?

    I don't know, i like the idea of go up to the sky, but that's a thing out of place.
  14. Mysterious notes?

    This game has more magic If we could go to the sky, would be with something magic.Maybe a plant, like the bean story.
  15. Mysterious notes?

    We not have explored the sea or the sky. We need something like that
  16. I like the first idea, but i dont understand the second, can you explain me?
  17. New DLC title (idea)

    Just...Islands. And Krakens, dont forget about Nessie.
  18. Reign of Giants: Your Discoveries

    Anyone can share a pic? I am exited, but i dont have a card, i will wait my sister for help me to pay xD
  19. I love Charlieeeee. So pretty :3
  20. Who can help me? How to appear things to go for the Ruins? :/
  21. More Realistic Honey

    The mod doesn't appear in the menu of mods, i don't know if i need something, steam, chrome...I was buy the game yesterday, please help me, that happens with all the mods D:
  22. An Update on Don’t Starve

    I wanna buy Don't Starve, but with updates, no with DLC. I'AM CONFUSED, GOD. I love the game, but with more content for months T-T