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  1. If you play with 4 persons, you will get less food, that would be the best.
  2. En ese caso. Yo me las tengo que arreglar con mi medio inglés para charlar con las personas en este foro xD Yo se que me anticipo, pero si alguna vez en el futuro quieres jugar Dont Starve dime, a ver como sale la cosa.
  3. Ligeramente pienso que está usando el traductor.
  4. Al fin alguien que habla español. No me siento solo.
  5. Mysterious notes?

    Multiplayer Dont Starve. How will be?
  6. Mysterious notes?

    It not has a "W" in there. NOPE
  7. Mysterious notes?

    Oh, me!
  8. Mysterious notes?

  9. Mysterious notes?

    Are there "W" between each pic.
  10. Mysterious notes?

    And if the door runs but bother Wilson to the Nightmare World? Or another dimension with portals to the normal world. A idea for a great DLC maybe.
  11. Mysterious notes?

    A happy ending means the end of the adventure.
  12. Mysterious notes?

    I know. And if the shadow creatures atack? That would be perfect.
  13. Mysterious notes?

    I think not. I believe the door will not run.
  14. Mysterious notes?

    What is he doing with the berries?
  15. Mysterious notes?

    Thats what i thought, Wilson is building the door like it does in the trailer.
  16. The Way(Aka Praecantor 2)Speculations

    Thats what i said lol I cant wait to tomorrow and see the Wilson comic updated.
  17. General Development

    Can you give me the download link please?
  18. General Development

    I have a question, what mbs has the mod?
  19. Mysterious notes?

    I was reading and in the Antikythera Mechanism you can see the movs of the sun and the moon, and other things of the space. What? I want to say you more, but my english is not very good. However, you can read it in wikipedia.
  20. Mysterious notes?

    I dont know. Maybe crafting something to take oxygen in the earth and later adding it to your helmet. This is Dont Starve, the devs will found a way.
  21. Mysterious notes?

    Thats what i said.
  22. Mysterious notes?

    Just think it. A base in the moon, protected maybe with moon rock walls, relaxing near the fire using a space helmet with a new armor suit, with your new strange cute thing...Just like a glommer.
  23. Mysterious notes?

    Wilson looks desperate, that mean that hes getting crazy. could be that being crazy induce it to make a rockship and escape. And in the game, when you get crazy, in the science tab you can craft a rockship.
  24. Mysterious notes?

    In the world of DS are there gooses with mooses heads, could be something living in the moon. Lets remember something, the moon does not have oxygen. The oxygen, would be a new simple mechanism.