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  1. Hi Fidoop!

    I'm a programmer interested in helping out. For example of my work, I've got a creature from scratch:

    I see it's been months since your last post - never a good sign - but if you could use a hand, feel free to reach out.


    1. ayrock_


      Same, full time developer here. Looking to contribute! Happy to contact or message you

  2. They spawn like hound attacks - just wait around and they should show up. It's got a warning, as well as the tunneling sound, and then depending on the difficulty and duration, they'll show up. Interesting idea on number of spawns. I've got a version of the number that spawn worked up(Jaws -> default -> Frenzy -> Sharknado) - just need to wait out the clock and make sure the warnings work on the lowest setting, and seem reasonable on the high numbers. I didn't know about the yellow thing... might not be common knowledge enough for players to expect? That said, if you're injured enough, it will try to attack birds (which I find amusing). Chester also is a prime target.. wasn't sure if I should specifically target it and demote it's priority so the shark doesn't just chomp at it.
  3. I've created a mod to add a new creature, the Landshark, to the game. I've done testing locally, but haven't had a chance to test with other players or evaluate the balance. So here is the link - if you can give it a try and report back any bugs you find here, I'll see about improving it.
  4. There are also instructions on using advanced tools to make completely custom animations, sounds and tiles in the Don't Starve forum that work with Don't Starve Together. Instructions on creating assets from scratch
  5. I think the variables you want are local variables in the brain file. There's no global context that you can change them in to easily switch between on and off. Also, the action definitions are also loaded once when the brain is created, so to change them in the middle of a creature's lifecycle isn't really something you can do either. In theory you could go to the brain logic on the instance, access the brain, pull out the priority nodes, grab the specific actions you want to alter, and then change their inner variables to change the sight distance. I think that might be fragile, and may not work as new actions are created. Someone else may know a way to do it, but from what I know, it's not a matter of changing one variable. Sorry
  6. Check the " 6. USER GENERATED CONTENT" section A. Valve reserves the right to make changes; however it does not grant anyone else the right to copy, modify or redistribute your work. In effect, your work is under copyright, with exceptions made for "Valve and its affiliates". Copyright for code is unclear but basically code is a literary document. If you take Shakespeare and replace the "Thous" with "Yous," Shakespeare could claim you infringe on their copyright. If you wrote "Grease" you probably would not. So by that standard, most of these "fixes" are in violation of the author's copyrights. To get into code copyright, Wikipedia has an article: Klei has been abundantly clear that we are not to use their artwork, sounds, etc, but I am not sure how Klei applies their rights to the entire data/scripts folder. Many mods are using using big copy & paste of those, so I'm guessing Klei is just gracious about that so far but that is really up to them.
  7. I've been working on a project with a tunneling creature. I am, however, pretty helpless when it comes to sound and Foley effects. Anyone in the community have experience to get me through it - or is interested in being a part of the project? I have dug up some open-license noises, but am having a tough time getting them to cycle in a way that sounds good. Anyway - if there is anybody with some experience, I could use the help
  8. Oh, silly me. I am used to using code to get going as fast as possible. I do not suppose there are any tricks, like getting a one-click new game setup?
  9. I am looking to make mods for a creature and an inventoriable object. I have some old code from DS that I am trying to update. I used to be able to use this: --Testing only function SimInit(player) local x, y, z = player.Transform:GetWorldPosition() GLOBAL.SpawnPrefab("item").Transform:SetPosition(x, y, z) end AddSimPostInit(SimInit) I tried checking into where SimPostInit is called, but the only reference i found calling it passed in nil (which matches my error). I also tried AddPrefabPostInit, with "ThePlayer" - but that did not produce any effect. Beyond doing it directly, I also tried the code from "Starter Inventory," but that also did nothing. For testing purposes, are there simple ways to spawn things?
  10. During the process, it creates two xml files. Try running the sample prefab. What you'll find is it produces a zip in your exported directory with the two xml files and all your images. It then produces the zip file in the anim folder (which is what you should be used to).
  11. I did not see any sort of reversal script in the tools provided. They take spriter files and convert them into the xml Klie uses internally, and then runs it through their scripts to generate the final zip. All this got us the ability to make animations quickly - without re-inventing the whole process. If you're having trouble converting, make sure you don't use bones (unsupported in the above conversion). Try checking the stuff I listed in the above post as well. It might give you a lead on what the problem is.
  12. Invisibility is what happens when it doesn't know how to draw something. It's likely something is missing. Here's some ideas to check: Does your script match your build? Does your "ANIM" zip filename match your .scml filename? Does your "build" match your .scml filename? Does your "bank" match the entity name? Does your PlayAnimation" name match your animation name? Are all your files getting copied successfully? Check that you have all your images and scml files in "mod/<modname>/exported/<object name>/" Check that after running the game, a .zip is created. Check that that zip has animation.xml, build.xml and all your images. Check that your "mod/<modname>/anim/<buildname>.zip" contains an anim.bin, build.bin, and a atlas-1.tex file.
  13. These days you should use the official tools to make animation. I might have tried to support spriter files (had I known it existed) - but Klie got it done using their tools, so, heck. Right now the only use of this tool I'd recommend would be to inspect and/or alter the Klie character animations - mostly for minor alterations.
  14. So my original png file is 512x512 (in case it's a power 2 thing).The actual content area is roughly 180x140. The build xml file produced says 512x512. When I open the resulting texture file, and save it to a png using the tex converter - I get a file 512x 256, with my image roughly 67x48. Since there's two images, I they're spaced really far apart - makes me think the power 2 was a bad idea and I'll go back to autocroping layers.
  15. So the small size looks like the texture mapper. I made my images up to 256 by 256, but it's packing them into 128 by 64. It then comes out to half size... It's hard to tell if the animation widths look right - I notice many of the old parameters are left off (which means I fiddled with them for no reason)