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  1. Thank you for the advice, i managed to do what you said and it looks great, exactly like i wanted it to look , i also found the problem..the Dawnbreak mod made it crash, but after i removed the Status display part of the code to make it default 45 slots it worked again with Dawnbreak. So everything works , thank you.
  2. Could you please make a default version of 45 slots if it's not too much trouble, all the neat versions seem to crash my game (the forum and the workshop ones) and the default 55 is a bit too much (and it looked much better with the item slots in the middle), I'm also using Always on Status because i like how the default version and the display from Always on look together. I tried disabling always on but the game still crashes with the neat versions. Awesome mod btw, i used it and Always on for a long time and it doesn't feel right playing without them, they make the game better.