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  1. Dana

    Glad to be of service. I've been oddly useful lately when it comes to mods, or, at least I think I have.
  2. Dana

    I just downloaded it, and inside the file was a link to download the real file, so I did. But when I downloaded it, it was your Link character.... soooo, where's Dana?
  3. Dana

    She looks pretty stylish.
  4. Jen Wilson

    Why can he summon abigail? That doesn't really make sense.
  5. Silkworm

    I like this idea alot, but the one downside is.... well, the picture for the silkworm... it just doesn't look right when next to everything else in the game. Maybe if you plan on working on it more, maybe give it more of a Don't Starve look instead of just some image of a green worm with a face.
  6. Dementor Playable Character

    I like this character, It's an intersting idea, I like it.
  7. Dementor Playable Character

    Oh cmon man, your not the first and/or only person to think of the idea of an evil garland.
  8. Beefalo Milk and Cheese

    Still have not made cheese yet. Made honey butter, but it did not get the chance to become cheese.... Making cheese is hard.... takes patience.
  9. Whitney

    I like this alot. Also, there was another mod character named Asfaloth. It was actually quite a good character idea. She also had friendliness towards the tall birds.
  10. Custom Character: Twilight Sparkle

    Got that right brother~
  11. Whitney

    ... an experiment that went wrong.... so basically she was an oopsie? :I