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  1. Perhaps this has something to do with it, I noticed the symbols are similar.
  2. Well, compressing the image to the size of Maxwell's room makes the scribble look more like one of the symbols, though it could be a false lead.
  3. WAIT WHAT IF THE SYMBOLS ARE LETTERS ​By which I mean perhaps the numbers tell you the letter of the alphabet the corresponds to the symbol.
  4. DO any of the latin words coincide the musical scale text?
  5. Well, I was off by several miles. Those comma's gotta mean something though. Also when it goes to that 3d game, the batter charge is the same as the head lamp?
  6. Hello, I know last time I said something dumb but, looking closer the 'decimal' spots have to be commas look how far they go under the numbers. If I rcall correctly the insanity trailer did something with coordinates to find words, do any of us still have that list of letters?
  7. What if we fiddle with the lines of the symbols? Perhaps the numbers mean how much we should tweak them? Most likely I am dead wrong.
  8. Version 1.0


    White the Wizard, my first released mod here. He's intended to eventually play as a magic Wickerbottom, with a few wizard-y items (A custom staff and hat). Mostly intended as a joke that got way out of hand. *Todo Fix up his animations Update the character art, to be less sucky Add in his powers and items