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  1. "Would you two STOP? That's not going to accomplish anything.....I say we keep going, and see what we come acr-"

    Lefay was interrupted by the distant sound of Sirus's arm cannon fire.

    "....What's that noise? sounds like........I don't know. Combat, maybe?"

  2. "I don't know...........something's not right here..."

    "Roger that!"

    Sirus caught the object, and quickly floated over to Thomas, grabbing him by the arm, before running off, clearing a path for himself, Thomas, and Kate/Kade.

  3. "Sorry. But the service here is awful. Guess i'm just not a good guest at all."

    Sirus made a slight change to his arm cannon, and unleashed a sweeping beam attack that cut into the other figures and Quinn, as well as slicing the mask on Thomas's face in two. He helped Kate up.

  4. "If you think THAT was rude, then you need to get out a bit more often! I'm just getting started!"

    Sirus fired off more shots, moving towards Kate while shooting.


    "Come on! We're getting out of here, guys! NOW!"


    Sirus got up, holding a white crystal. He shoved it into the barrel of his arm cannon, and fired a blast of light magic straight into Quinn.

  6. Lefay walked over, looking at the goop, but knowing better than to touch it.

    "Whatever's going on here.......I get the feeling we might be going in the right direction.........Famen?.....What are you.....heh....doing?"

  7. "....Supposed to? I didn't see a sign or anything of the sort suggesting that this thing would take us home......this place might look familiar, but it's not. It's a different place, that goes by different rules......we need to be careful."

    (Looks like I might be getting control of Tiresias as well......)