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  1. (Wait what? I thought Vilsig was with the other group....)
  2. Lefay walked over, looking at the goop, but knowing better than to touch it. "Whatever's going on here.......I get the feeling we might be going in the right direction.........Famen?.....What are you.....heh....doing?"
  3. (Meanwhile, i'm just completely out of it. Both in and out of the RP)
  4. (I still feel like I have no idea what's going on with Battal's group. It's surreal.)
  5. (gonna point out again, this is bordering on straight-up ludicrous.)
  6. (Then it looks like this RP isn't going anywhere until he gets back....)
  7. "I......I don't know.....maybe." (Battal, where are you?)
  8. "Is it just me, or is Judas's condition getting worse?....."
  9. "....Supposed to? I didn't see a sign or anything of the sort suggesting that this thing would take us home......this place might look familiar, but it's not. It's a different place, that goes by different rules......we need to be careful." (Looks like I might be getting control of Tiresias as well......)
  10. " know something about this, don't you?...." "Yes, as a matter of fact.....this leads to the Twisted Realms. A world like this one, only full to bursting with....unsavory creatures. The kind that would want to drive you mad. But, it does lead to the end of your journey, Lefay." "...My journey?.....What do you mean?" "The journey to find what you've lost." "....My memories, you mean?.....Wait....why didn't you tell the others?!" "They were in such a hurry, that it seemed like me telling them wouldn't have changed much." "I suppose so...." Lefay and the Illustrator headed through the portal. More memories flashed back, these ones longer, and more gruesome. Strange voices encouraging her, gifting her strange power. Her parents, dead and dying....but before she could fully realize these memories, she was back with Judas.
  11. "Alright.....I just......something about this is the right word, not scares......we need to be careful about this. There's no telling what's on the other side."
  12. "It's a portal of some sort, I telling where it leads, sure we should be going after Tiresias?....i've got a bad feeling about this."
  13. Lefay and the Illustrator followed after Judas. " curious..."
  14. (Not sure if I should post for Lefay or not. I'm completely lost as to what group 1 is supposed to be doing....)
  15. (Hold on. Wasn't Lefay with Judas?)
  16. (Hope you didn't think i'd just let you decipher it for Battal, buddy : P )
  17. Sirus seemed to be thinking about something, but when the figure tried to decipher what it was he was thinking, it only came out as an unidentifiable stream of ones and zeroes.
  18. (No. We won't. because this is a forum and has nothing to do with video whatsoever)
  19. (....I'm going to get angry at you for whatever this is, aren't I?) <Hello, cocky, condescending shadow beings. You go ahead and laugh all you want now. You won't have time for it later.>
  20. (Uh....Battal.....Sirus didn't speak that.)
  21. <We'll see about that......i've got some tricks up my sleeve, shadow fiend.> Lefay raised an eyebrow. "What was that supposed to be? A frog?..."
  22. (Battal, from now on, send me a PM. Notifications don't work.)