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  1. "Miss?......are you still conscious?......Can you hear me?....."
  2. (I knew what that link was going to be well before I clicked on it)
  3. The sun was beginning to lower. There were a few green and white mushrooms. Sirus set Kate down, and then went to go find something for her to eat, eventually coming across some berries and carrots.
  4. ".....Very well. I will be there as soon as I can...."
  5. "No. She needs help NOW, or else she's going to die."
  6. "....My god..........I had no idea she was in such dire straits......we need to find a place to set up camp, and quickly...."
  7. (Well, you should. He's carrying enough plague virus to kill a large city.) Sirus went to go check on Kate.
  8. Lefay took out her book, and looked around a bit. "Green mushroom stew should help him....." "Green mushrooms?.......alright.....I think I can manage that..."
  9. ".....Judas?......Where are you?....." Sirus checked up on Thomas. ".......Ah.....this could be a problem.......his mind's wrecked.......something to sooth the senses might be needed...."
  10. (No, actually. Now that you've explained it, Battal, this is the most sensible thing you've done yet. The circular thing is Vilsig #3.) Sirus and the others quickly run smack-dab into Lefay, Mina and the others. ".....What in're that robot Judas talked about, aren't you?..." "....Judas?.....Wha.......i'm afraid I have no idea what you're talking about...."
  11. "Vilsig was trying to lead us to something. We must be going in the right direction." Lefay ran ahead.
  12. "Would you two STOP? That's not going to accomplish anything.....I say we keep going, and see what we come acr-" Lefay was interrupted by the distant sound of Sirus's arm cannon fire. "....What's that noise? sounds like........I don't know. Combat, maybe?"
  13. "If you don't run, i'll CARRY you! We need to move, NOW. It's probably just a trick anyways! If it was real, you wouldn't be alive by now!"
  14. "I don't know...........something's not right here..." "Roger that!" Sirus caught the object, and quickly floated over to Thomas, grabbing him by the arm, before running off, clearing a path for himself, Thomas, and Kate/Kade.
  15. (That Vilsig just collapsed, buddy)
  16. "Sorry. But the service here is awful. Guess i'm just not a good guest at all." Sirus made a slight change to his arm cannon, and unleashed a sweeping beam attack that cut into the other figures and Quinn, as well as slicing the mask on Thomas's face in two. He helped Kate up.
  17. "If you think THAT was rude, then you need to get out a bit more often! I'm just getting started!" Sirus fired off more shots, moving towards Kate while shooting. "Come on! We're getting out of here, guys! NOW!"
  18. (GO TIIIMMMEEEE) Sirus got up, holding a white crystal. He shoved it into the barrel of his arm cannon, and fired a blast of light magic straight into Quinn.
  19. "Leave him alone.........why don't you pick on someone who'll actually keep up with you?"
  20. Lefay followed, keeping her distance. Sirus opened his eye, clutching....something.
  21. "I still don't trust you. But.....I suppose we don't have any other clue where to go.....lead the way."
  22. "I take it this is your doing, then...."
  23. Lefay swiveled around and looked at Vilsig. She was quietly hoping he wouldn't have come back.
  24. (You need to make it clear that he's using that ability tho. We don't have photographic memories like Cam Jensen. dated reference ftw )