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  1. Okay, here's my report on RPG HUD 11 NEAT.


    Two major problems is that highlighting in the crafting menu to differentiate between items you can craft, items you can't craft, and fully unlocked items is broken.


    Additionally, I can't see the Boat Durability.

  2. Have a suggestion. A wormhole-centric map. Portal spawns in the center of a small island with some paltry resources and nature stuff, and a series of wormholes that lead to different small islands with thematic resources.


    For example, one island could be full of nothing but pigs and pig guards, another could have lots of rocks and gold rocks, along with some tallbirds, another one a massive savannah full of grass, another one nothing but chess areas, so on so forth.

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  3. This is a very cool idea! Although, Is it allowed to have a character exactly like Webber, because you normally have to pay to get RoG which gets you Webber?


    Just a thought. I will probably be downloading this Mod either way!

    Actually, you have a point.


    I'm kinda on the fence whether to applaud it, or to report it for deliberately being Webber.