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  1. ....then I seem to be having a slight problem. I uninstalled ONI, wiped the folder, scoured my PC and reinstalled from scratch, and yet it's still modded? Is there some folder I forgot about?

    EDIT: ...Nevermind. I see the problem now. Apparently, Steam decided not to actually delete everything like it was supposed to. Ok, it's fixed now.

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  2. Well, sorry, but it just ain't working for me with Wendy.




    Also, I tried it alongside the Shadow Frock....



    Aaaand the Buckled Gloves unequipped themselves.Appears my problem is not specific to the Cardigan.


    EDIT: So I did a bit more experimentation again. Wow, something's really messed up. This stuff seems to work only if you first set the outfit back to the default, then switch to what you actually want for a skin.

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