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  1. Don't the Rainbow Jellyfish only spawn during new moons?
  2. Do I need to make a new world?

    Other than what you've mentioned I don't think there is anything else that would require a reset to get.
  3. unreachable metal potato thing

    What an extraordinary level of bad luck haha.
  4. When the "Sea Legs" is destroyed by a hammer it drops all the regular items it's supposed to drop but also drops the infinite cannon and sail. The bugged sail and cannon that drops both appear invisible when placed on the ground and are both called "MISSING NAME" like in the picture.
  5. If you hit any of the nightmare monsters that appear on land they can sometimes teleport onto the ocean and get stuck. I have not been able to make this happen to swimming horrors.
  6. Bee mines and tooth traps can be placed on top of the ocean despite sinking if dropped into the ocean.
  7. The Iron Wind becomes completely invisible when dropped into the water. Even though it's invisible it can still be picked up.
  8. The waves go over the Quacken Drill when it's clearly supposed to be under it.
  9. Shown in the video you can stun a crabbit by not pursuing it after you've scared it.
  10. You can hack palm tree saplings as if they were still coconuts. When the sapling is hacked nothing actually happens. No sound no coconut halves are dropped nothing.
  11. The Quackering Ram just freaks out on bio-luminescence. It does the exact same thing on destroyed sea walls as well.
  12. The Shipwreck Renaissance

    Important setpieces like the Yaarctopus, Volcano and the Fishbone to be easier to find. To my knowledge there is no consistent way to be able to find these items beyond random exploration. In ROG the world has a consistent world generation which with proper knowledge can be utilized to make educated guesses on where important things are. I would like something similar with Shipwrecked. More creatures/structures to interact with out on the open ocean. This update is going in the right direction with that so far and I hope they have plans for more stuff to interact with. Fishing could be and should be a whole lot more interesting in an expansion about the ocean. Larger fishing poles that you attach to the boat and a sort of minigame in which you utilize the waves to pull in a big fish. I would love that. More dangers out in the open ocean. Right now the only creatures that could potentially kill you in the ocean are the crocodogs and swordfish. Everything else doesn't really attack unless you purposely seek out a fight. Last and most importantly.. Bug fixes. There are so many things that don't quite work right. I'm going to restart bug reporting in the bugtracker so hopefully they get fixed.
  13. I don't remember this being possible before. Kind of makes the night light meaningless
  14. Ballphins will follow you into the Volcano if you have befriended them. They swim through the earth in a similar fashion to when boats could be put on land. It's kind of amusing.