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  1. They only replace commons so you’re not missing much.
  2. Don't Play Together

  3. The (Holy Trinity) tables have turned!

    Maxwell and Wickerbottom are bottom tier?? Whaat? Wickerbottom Maxwell combo to petrify in of itself makes them really good.
  4. Only common drops are converted into Forge chests. None of the Halloween skins are commons so nothing is lost.
  5. What is your favorite game?

    Why.. Don't Starve Ape Escape 3 of course!
  6. Throw a brick through his window with enough money to repair said window and beg to be mentioned in a Youtube video. I mean.. Cool, don't be that guy and reveal his address though.
  7. What skins did you get?

    I was level 35 and got two Gladiator WX78 heads, Gladiator Winona, Gladiator Wickerbottom, Silken Wood Armor, Marble Splint Mail, Infernal Fire Staff, and an excess of 3765 Spools after I bought the full set. Needless to say I am pretty happy.
  8. Weird thing under Battlemaster's Helmet

    It's supposed to be an easter egg to one of their upcoming games.
  9. Here's a 3D model of a Clockwork Knight that I made in Blender.
  10. It can’t go above 60 FPS. I don’t know about the resolution though.
  11. In order to get another Shadow Atrium you have to defeat the Shadow Pieces again.
  12. Ironically Wes is REALLY helpful in the Forge. The strategy is to make most of the monsters aggro onto Wes and have him bait them around. Since almost all of the monsters use melee attacks Wes is able to lead them on using his passives with relative ease. Meanwhile the rest of the team can aggro smaller groups of monsters out of Wes’s monster following and beat them up separated from the rest. This is particularly useful when the Boarilla shows up as Wes can use the speed boost items and keep it distracted until all the smaller monsters have been dealt with. This same tactic seems to work with the Boarior as well. His passive to be revived quick really compliments this tactic well. When Wes dies and the horde that’s following him aggros onto somebody else it’s very easy to get him back up and distracting again, especially with a Wilson. I took this role a couple of times and managed to make it work very well. In fact a person that was originally mad at me for choosing Wes took it back and complimented me because it was working so well. Klei is really enforcing the “Wes is secretly a god” meme and I love it. Another thing to note. Any character can do this job. It’s just with the rodeo clown job Wes is bes-t.
  13. An “embarrassed” emote would be cool. Alternate versions of existing emotes that relate to Klei games would also be pretty neat.
  14. Was just going through the fog while it was raining and the game crashed. log.txt
  15. When Packim Baggims goes back to normal from the fat transformation Packim still continues to appear fat. The actual benefit of extra space from him being fat goes away correctly but he continues to look fat.