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  1. Purple gem destroyed?

    The deconstruction staff is not supposed to be able to recover gems from any object. (With the exception of the opal)
  2. can't even start metheus puzzle.

    The Cyclum Puzzle page. How to complete the Cyclum Puzzle In order to do the Metheus Puzzle you and your friend need to complete the Cyclum Puzzle and acquire the Tragic Torch which has been made available again for the puzzle.
  3. Guardian pigs attacking each other?

    I've had this happen as well. I can't figure out how to reliably reproduce it though.
  4. Tbh I started playing her because she wasn't very good. Mostly to see if I could find some interesting tricks up her sleeve. I got attached to her lighter and continued playing her for some reason.
  5. So it seems like it's physically impossible to freeze from Willow's insanity chills during Autumn unless the player is wet. Willow's sanity chills lower her body temperature between 1* - 20* when her sanity goes below 35%. (42 for Willow) Previously if the world's temperature was at say 10* Willow's sanity chills would bring her temperature down to -10* if she was at 0 sanity. After this update her sanity chills will still go down 20* but will refuse to go any lower than 1* meaning that she doesn't freeze from sanity chills during Autumn. However if the player is wet at all the chills caused by wetness will bring the body temperature down below freezing. Basically the change kept the rain vulnerability and the slight Summer advantage but removed the random freezing in Autumn and Spring. Also here's the new mounted /sleepy and /yawn animations.
  6. ANR is out of beta. This thread shows how to move your save files from the beta to the main branch.
  7. A New Reign Beta isn't showing up

    In the post V2C linked he explains how to transfer the world data from the ANR beta to the main branch. Your worlds are probably still there. The game just isn't looking in the right place.
  8. Where is my Charlie?

    There is no Charlie fight.
  9. Where is my Charlie?

    What do you mean by "Charlie Fight"?
  10. Looks more like the katakana 'ho' Japanese letters seem unlikely though so I dunno
  11. Charlie looks like a hip Asian mom Anyways yay! The update is finished!
  12. If the thulecite crown's force field is up and the crown gets destroyed it doesn't instantly re equip another crown like it normally does. This causes a brief period of vulnerability assuming you are not wearing torso armor. I found this when I died to a couple of nightmare beaks in the ruins even though I had 2 extra crowns and about 60 health.
  13. The Reanimated Skeleton does not consistently follow the Shadow Thurible. It will sometimes stop responding and will just stand still. It seems to do this most often when it comes to a complete stop or finishes killing an enemy.
  14. Instead of saying "Keep the nasties away. By killing them." it says "Keep the nasties away. By killing the..." It appears to be cut off at the end.
  15. It will aggro onto ruins relics and thulecite walls. It's weird and very annoying if your trying to use it to clear out the ruins because it will seek out every individual piece of old furniture and wall. It also aggros onto Slurtle Mounds which is irritating because those are not renewable.
  16. It does not try to attack any kind of spider unless the spider attacks it first. Only exception is the Spider Queen.
  17. The boomerang, every blowdart, water balloon, and all the staffs (Except for ice/fire staffs) use the animation that the player would do while using the item on the ground. The weather pain however does not do that. It uses the normal beefalo attack animation and the whirlwind just appears out of the beefalo's face which just looks weird. EDIT -- The lazy explorer actually does the same thing making it look like the beefalo is able to teleport by attacking the air.
  18. You cannot use ice or fire staffs while riding a beefalo. However you can use every other staff in the game, blowdarts, boomerang, water balloons, and even the weather pain while riding a beefalo. What's up with that?
  19. Completely using up a telelocator staff while riding a beefalo makes the arm wielding the staff disappear briefly. Same problem happens with star-caller's staff. I haven't tested the deconstruction staff but since it uses the same animation it probably does too.
  20. Wigfrid cant attack dragonfly

    If you have the "Where's My Beefalo" mod uninstall it. It is known to cause this.
  21. Klei re-uploaded the DST trailer for some reason.. EDIT - Never mind this post. Turns out it was nothing.
  22. You cannot bundle/unwrap items or read blueprints while riding a beefalo.
  23. Willow's Lighter does not provide full protection against total darkness sanity drain while riding a beefalo in any direction but north/northwest/northeast. (compass directions not character perspective) Willow's Lighter also doesn't help when mounting/dismounting the beefalo. NOTE - You will not get attacked by Charlie(as far as I have seen) just lose alot of sanity.