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  1. The Quackering Ram just freaks out on bio-luminescence. It does the exact same thing on destroyed sea walls as well.
  2. Ballphins will follow you into the Volcano if you have befriended them. They swim through the earth in a similar fashion to when boats could be put on land. It's kind of amusing.
  3. If you hit any of the nightmare monsters that appear on land they can sometimes teleport onto the ocean and get stuck. I have not been able to make this happen to swimming horrors.
  4. I don't remember this being possible before. Kind of makes the night light meaningless
  5. Bee mines and tooth traps can be placed on top of the ocean despite sinking if dropped into the ocean.
  6. Amazing how an announcement like this can alter my mood so drastically. Can't wait to break the game in the name of science!
  7. I found this really sweet animated music video. Really simple but incredibly well animated.

  8. Feedback and Suggestions Forum Bug Tracker Forum Here are the two areas to put feedback and bugs you've found respectively. Welcome to the forums
  9. When baby beefalo are facing away from the camera their legs disappear. When baby beefalo run to the left or the right one of the horns on their head points the wrong direction. This video demonstrates both. Legs disappearing and odd horn direction respectively.
  10. I watched Fight Club for the first time ever...

    To say the least I was extremely surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

    1. Auth



      You just broke the first two rules.

  11. [Game Update] - 121

    I guess a fire hound trap must have spawned underground.
  12. Bug with mods

    Go to the directory C:\YOURNAME\Steam\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together\mods Delete all the workshop folders. Go back into the game and it should automatically redownload all the mods properly. If you don't have permission to delete the files go into safe mode and try again. Hope that helps.
  13. Steam Workshop mods bug

    http://www.pcworld.com/article/2984712/windows/how-to-enter-windows-10s-safe-mode.html It's pretty much a stripped down version of your OS that is used to diagnose and fix problems. In this case it bypasses the need to get permission to change files.
  14. Steam Workshop mods bug

    Go into safe mode and try deleting them again.
  15. That's not really a problem that can be fixed by Klei. You'd want to tell the mod author about that problem.
  16. Crafting Tab overlay

    It's always been like this for me. I usually just use the scroll wheel to get to the crafting tabs hidden underneath.
  17. Oh.. Is this why my plants have been doing so good lately? I thought I was finally figuring out farming. ;(
  18. First actual crash i've experienced. So anyways my dupes were constantly collecting 1kg of water from a nonexistent source to put into a terrarium over and over again wasting time. I saved and restarted the game to fix the problem. Fixed my initial issue but now this world crashes about a minute being loaded in. Hope this helps track down the issue. Pickle Party.sav DxDiag.txt
  19. Grass Gekkos do not run from Tallbirds even while being attacked by said Tallbirds.
  20. fight

    Was your friend having trouble with the Dragonfly or was it something else.
  21. Can't craft statues.

    You need the sketches to build the other sculptures.
  22. If a Lureplant is lit on fire and then extinguished it will not spawn anymore eyeplants. A server restart fixes this problem.
  23. Dragonfly Hit Bug

    Considering the bug is caused by the "Where's My Beefalo" I don't think Klei can fix it. Only the publisher of the mod can.
  24. Purple gem destroyed?

    The deconstruction staff is not supposed to be able to recover gems from any object. (With the exception of the opal)