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  1. Glommer Bug

    Try using a wormhole. He should appear on the other side.
  2. Mae my cook is trying to get food to eat but refuses to do anything but complain about how they are hungry. She sits still and spams notifications about starvation. If I disallow any food for Mae she goes about her usual business but as soon as I try to make her eat food again she gets stuck again. Grunk Cycle 23.sav Edit -- After a brief browse of the other bugs it seems this has been fixed already. My bad for not looking first.
  3. 270750 - Critter Feeder

    It’s because none of the foods these critters eat can be put into a feeder. It could be conveyed better though. I was confused for a while before I realized why they were checked.
  4. Cant Reach Water When Clearly Reachable

    Yeah, you need a water pump, it's in the plumbing tab. Dupes can no longer take water directly from water sources anymore.
  5. Cant Reach Water When Clearly Reachable

    Do you have a water pump?
  6. Ghost pushed off map into water.

    Have your son type /rescue into the chat and he should be teleported back onto land.
  7. my intro screen is super sized

    Go to C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether There should be a file called client.ini. Delete it and it will be reset all the settings to default the next time you launch the game or manually change the screen settings inside to whatever you so desire.
  8. 3D Stuff

    Here's a 3D model of Queen Charlie.
  9. [Bug Report] Cant Attack Glitch

    If your friend has any mods (especially extra map icon mods) have them disable them. Mods such as "Where's My Beefalo" are known to cause this.
  10. I cant hit dragonflly

    If you’ve got any mods enabled disable them to see if they are causing it. Where’s My Beefalo specifically tends to cause this problem.
  11. Webber looks so lonely ;(
  12. So, this started happening about 2 weeks ago. I don't know the exact time because at the time I thought it was just one of my mods. Anyways, what happens is that sometimes the fps will go down to 30 fps exactly for no apparent reason. This seems to happen most often when something appears onto the screen suddenly such as when you examine another person, open the crafting tab, when monsters spawn in the forge and sometimes for absolutely no reason at all. None of these I could reliably reproduce though. This will also happen in the main menu out of the game as well. Some other people seem to be having the same problem in which the fps drops down to exactly 30 for no reason. (I'm Mikro Maniac in this thread) http://steamcommunity.com/app/322330/discussions/0/14 88866813759689839/ EDIT-- This has been happening in DS as well. DxDiag.txt
  13. whale doesnt explode!

    You can hit it with a machete to make it explode.
  14. Don't Play Together

  15. Was just going through the fog while it was raining and the game crashed. log.txt
  16. When Packim Baggims goes back to normal from the fat transformation Packim still continues to appear fat. The actual benefit of extra space from him being fat goes away correctly but he continues to look fat.
  17. Despite having a boat directly next to the shore I cannot hammer it from land. I have tried moving it to different sides of the island pushing into the corner in an attempt to get it closer to land but still I am totally unable to hammer a boat from land.
  18. Don't the Rainbow Jellyfish only spawn during new moons?
  19. When the "Sea Legs" is destroyed by a hammer it drops all the regular items it's supposed to drop but also drops the infinite cannon and sail. The bugged sail and cannon that drops both appear invisible when placed on the ground and are both called "MISSING NAME" like in the picture.
  20. The Iron Wind becomes completely invisible when dropped into the water. Even though it's invisible it can still be picked up.
  21. unreachable metal potato thing

    What an extraordinary level of bad luck haha.
  22. The waves go over the Quacken Drill when it's clearly supposed to be under it.
  23. Shown in the video you can stun a crabbit by not pursuing it after you've scared it.
  24. You can hack palm tree saplings as if they were still coconuts. When the sapling is hacked nothing actually happens. No sound no coconut halves are dropped nothing.