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  1. Woodie review and ideas for rework.

    An interesting addition could be giving Woodie some unique structures. Maybe specifically made by beaver Woodie. The obvious one would be a beaver dam. Construct it out of any fully grown tree as a beaver and use it as a way to convert the log meter to health/sanity and/or some other thing. From a non programmer perspective this seems pretty low effort to implement and would be useful since it would be low cost and easy to use. Another could be a way for Woodie to intentionally grow totally normal trees or anger treeguards. Would give Woodie the unique ability to quickly and reliable collect living logs. Maybe a bit meh right now but if there were more living log recipes this would be very nice. That's all i've got for now.
  2. William is a nickname for Billy (for some reason?) but it’s already established that he is also called Billiam.. In the gorge Mumsy said “another one of your kind passed through here” so maybe Wortox is referring to this other person?
  3. The fact that there is a clearly visible cursor visible on the Willow teaser image is actually giving me anxiety.

  4. None of the pig guardians actually spawned and several of the bushes that are usually there just didn't spawn. EDIT-- I thought I was posting this in the Hamlet bug tracker. Woops.
  5. If you try to use her gun her model totally disappears and your movement is limited. Can be fixed by restarting the game.
  6. [Game Update] - 328827

    Excellent~~ I love character re balancing. EDIT-- Same for me. Crashing when trying to start a world with Hamlet compatibility. I added the log after I crash. log.txt
  7. [Game Update] - 327257

    DIVININGROD = GENERIC = "Ha! Haha! It's my PR-76!", MAXWELLPHONOGRAPH = "Ah, the Gramophone ML-77. I know it well." ROBOT_PUPPET = "Is that...? But it couldn't be!" KNIGHTBOAT = "Amazing! I ran into many difficulties waterproofing my automaton." SUNKEN_BOAT_TRINKET_1 = "Ah. It needs a DR356X001.", (WX-78'S quote of same trinket) "OF COURSE IT'S BROKEN, IT'S MISSING A DR356X001" I think it's safe to say that Wagstaff was definitely the one who created WX-78.
  8. [Game Update] - 327257

    Here's a quick look at Wagstaff and Wheeler for all those who can't check for themselves yet. There's some stuff that i've realized is wrong but I hate dealing with the spoiler tags so i'm just gonna leave it as it is. Sorry.
  9. silly drawings i make

    I don’t know why I found this so funny. Lol
  10. So, originally pigmen and bunnymen could be befriended by a Webber if they dodged the first attack and gave them their respective food gifts. Now for whatever reason only bunnymen can be befriended with the dodge and gift method. Pigmen will attack on sight a Webber/Wortox regardless of if they have been given meat gifts.
  11. This only happens with the Minotaur skin. Most hats have this problem with the exception of a couple of very large hats.
  12. Not entirely sure if this is a bug or not but the equestrienne headdress skin is really small when placed on the ground.
  13. 3D Stuff

    Here's a 3D model of a Clockwork Knight that I made in Blender.
  14. 3D Stuff

    Here's a rather old attempt at making Wilson in 3D. I don't plan on finishing this particular model because despite the outer appearance being alright the internal stuff is an absolute nightmare and would have been extremely difficult to deal with if I had decided to continue with this particular model. That and the eyes are god awful. I figured I may as well share it as it'll be gone from my hard drive soon enough.
  15. This is only really a problem with large chinned characters but it happens a little bit with the other survivors as well but to a less noticeable degree.
  16. If either type of generator is lit on fire and then extinguished it won't be able to connect to newly placed machines. Restarting the server fixes the problem.
  17. 1. When running left or right of the players perspective one of the baby beefalo's horns will become disjointed 2. When facing up from the player's perspective the baby beefalo's feet will completely disappear. There's a mod on the workshop that fixes it if that helps at all. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1117158192
  18. I can actually feel the collective pain from all the developers at Klei that had deal with the hundreds of character rework discussions essentially saying the same thing on this forum enveloped in this one sentence. It gave me a good chuckle to be honest haha.
  19. I was having similar issues and also had a couple of mods on. The only mod we have in common though is combined status. So it’s likely combined status may be causing the problem.
  20. I figured since WX-78 is immune to poison in Shipwrecked that it would apply to Hamlet as well. Eating a poison frog leg poisons WX-78 I don’t know if the same applies to tubers and anything else that might cause poisoning.
  21. This doesn’t seem to happen very consistently. Sometimes when I Buy something and they restock they do this. Sometimes when I sell stuff they do this. basically just interact with the shopkeeper and it will happen eventually.
  22. I dropped a piece of manure on the ground and went to another room in the ruins. I could still hear the sound of the poop flies.
  23. When a farm is picked of it’s produce the farm is named MISSING NAME when hovered over with the cursor This specifically happened when I stole food from the pig farmers.