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  1. The ruins turf I am standing on in the picture is invisible on the map. I don't know what the turf name is called so apologies for that.
  2. This sounds like an album name for a band that likes making sad music.
  3. I remember them saying on stream that they were going to add one for all the survivors. I could be wrong though.
  4. For whatever reason shadow creatures emit a annoyingly loud noise whenever they spawn or are attacked that doesn't happen in DST. All my sound settings for DS are about the same so it's not that i've got one amped up really high while the others are low. EDIT-- You can hear my noise whistling a little in the background lmao. Didn't realize my mic was on when I recorded it my bad.
  5. If you wear the full Hollow set as Wormwood and mount a beefalo with a backpack with any tool in hand the beefalo will turn invisible along with some animation glitches of Wormwood's hands. Same with the Roseate skin. I can also get this to happen while wearing the Oasis Bound skin set, wearing a backpack and wearing any hat. So it seems to happen specifically when wearing a backpack so somethings off with that. ALSO, I have had something similar happen to other characters very very rarely (Like once maybe 2-3 months ago) and I know other people have experienced it too. If it wasn't already fixed then maybe something similar was happening back then? EDIT-- Ah.. It seems to happen regardless of what skin I am wearing.
  7. When the heavy fog goes dissipates and is replaced by regular rain the sound of the rain is not there. It resets to what it normally is when reloading the game or entering and exiting a building.
  8. Moles will dig to peagawk feathers and collect them as if they were stones.
  9. Wormwood is Now Live!

    Wormwood has special idle animations when near butterflies and birds!!! Adorable.
  10. Wortox + tentapillar = easy souls

    Awww, I was hoping this was intentional.
  11. Music thread

    I don't know why but this one reminds me of Malcom in the Middle a lot. This one is a 'maybe', I don't dislike it but I'm not particularly into it either. This one feels like a combination of the band Poor Man's Poison and MCR. Though I enjoy both of those this particular song is a bit extravagant for my taste if you know what I mean. I cringe at how she's not wearing shoes at all throughout the video. She's gonna have really dirty feet haha. I'll add this one to my spotify playlist though, it's pleasant to listen to. Similar to Everything Is Alright I don't dislike it but not particularly into it either. I am a bit picky I guess. This one is a good non-distracting song. I'll add it to my playlist for when i'm working on things. Hmm.. I like the instruments but the singing is not something I am into. I enjoy being able to hum the tune of a song but it's not really possible with this song. Always like Modest Mouse. Actually this one is definitely my favorite. It's the kind of song that is easy to listen to when doing other things. Thanks for putting this together for me. I honestly wasn't expecting to find songs I enjoyed since i'm usually really picky but i've been able to expand my spotify list a bit thanks to you.
  12. Music thread

    I particularly like this song because to me it feels something akin to the time around senior year where I was in the process of figuring out what life really is like. This one I've associated with the anime "Love is War" for some reason and is an almost sickeningly sweet love song.
  13. Extra adorable lavae can be brought into the caves, and can be wrapped up in a bundling wrap to be used for later. They also gain 20 health every time they consume ashes so you don't have to worry all that much about their health slowly depleting over time. Chester will almost always spawn in one of two places. The end of the brick road on grass turf around several ponds and sometimes several moles. (If the brick road goes to pig king he will still likely be near the several ponds on grass turf) On the rare occasion that the group of ponds do not spawn then Chester will spawn on swamp land instead. Hutch will pretty much always spawn on the outskirts of the deep caves on one of the branching paths that is populated by several slurtle holes. When looking for the lunar island look for the two instances of the border that is weirdly flat compared to the rest of the world. Nine times out of ten the lunar island will be where the two oddly flat instances of land would intersect if a line were drawn out from the flat edge. It can also be seen that the world will often times look like an incomplete donut. The lunar island will be the missing piece of that donut. This one doesn't seem to be accurate anymore. The forest fuel weaver counts as an epic boss despite not having a way to do damage. Because of this it will drop 8 souls for Wortox which can be easily gained at least once every single night if the atrium and 8 fossil pieces have been acquired. If you use a tallbird egg to make bacon and eggs you can use 2 monster meat, 1 tallbird egg, and 1 stick for guaranteed bacon and eggs. This works because the bacon and eggs recipe doesn't exclude sticks while monster lasagna does exclude sticks. It just needs a value of 2 eggs and 2 meat. Tallbird eggs count as 2 eggs so the extra space can have the stick in it. Eel can be traded to the pig king for 5 gold. Wolfgang can singlehandedly knock scales off of the Dragonfly above about 280 hunger with a dark sword.
  14. The only thing I dislike about Klei is their utter unpredictability. If I had known about this earlier I wouldn’t have picked up a shift at work today lmao. Never in a thousand years did I think they were going to add Wormwood to DST haha.
  15. Disconnected From Every Single World.

    Have you tired verifying the DST files through steam?
  16. No Grass or Twigs

    This is just the result of alternate resources. Twiggy trees and Grass geckos instead of the typical saplings and grass tufts.
  17. From in game experimentation Willow's extra fuel efficiency doesn't seem to effect night lights at all.
  18. How did I not think of that haha.
  19. Cat Willow Ashley
  20. When the grumble bees become empowered by the beequeen's screeching they completely ignore big Bernie.
  21. If any character is riding a beefalo in total darkness while holding Willow's lighter and moving in any direction besides up in the player's perspective they will loss sanity at an increased rate than normal. It's not quite the total darkness sanity loss but it's significantly higher than what it's supposed to be while holding a light. This was also briefly mentioned during the stream.
  22. Because the pretty parasol is replaced by the shipwrecked equivalent there is no way to make a telebrella.