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  1. Unless you've been living under a rock you should know Klei is implementing Don't Starve Together. From what i see in the forums right now there is a lot of mixed feelings. Some people are very excited, some people are disappointed for various reasons. Personally I am very excited for the addition of DST, I would never in a million years would have guessed that multiplayer was going to be added. So! Tell me what do you think? Are you excited or disappointed? Why? Do think DST will effect Don't Starve for the better or for worse? Why? What do you think will have to be balanced to make multiplayer playable? Do you think that with the addition of multiplayer some loose ends in the story might be patched up? I'm very interested to know what everyone else thinks on the surprising news. EDIT- If you have any suggestions to more options in the poll feel free to say it here.
  2. Realistic day

    I think that you can edit the length of each day in a specific season using console commands. It's a boring process though.
  3. Superstitions?

    I always have my fire making materials in my backpack, even though it spells out trouble when I drop my backpack to wear armor near the end of the day, I still can't stand having it outside of my backpack.
  4. I haven't seen much discussion about how some character's would have to be tweaked to fit into multiplayer. I think that each character should have unique traits to be a nuisance to other players and also possibly be helpful. For example someone on another thread thought about how Maxwell and Webber should have a passive sanity drain on everyone in close vicinity, maybe the same thing but much more severe with Woodie's werebeaver form. The positives would not really need to be added as most of the characters would be able to work together pretty easily. Another thing that would need some thought are the meat effigies. If Klei plans on only allowing one character per world and no clones this would help a bit. My proposition is to have unique meat effigies for each character instead of everyone making Wilson effigies. This would clear up confusion in multiplayer and might even make it easier to code. All i've got for now
  5. I think that having larger hound attacks depending on how many players are in a server at a time would make sense, it could even incorporate the idea to have Vargs apart of hound waves.
  6. I added the option. I didn't think there were any multiplayer mods that actually worked right now. I can see why people are a bit skeptical but I have faith that Klei will listen to the community and hopefully make everything work out.
  7. I think the ability to change multiplayer options would be a vital addition. For example enabling or disabling pvp.
  8. I came home looked at this and almost ripped my fingers off in excitement. Klei is really good at making me almost dismember myself.
  9. Fan theory on dragonfly

    Unless you have someone from Klei confirming this I think i'll just stick with the thought that Biigfoot is literally only a big foot.
  10. Today I was having probably the worst day i've had all year, I went to school and it was so bad that people commented on how sad I looked and my health teacher sent me to the school psychiatrist. The release of this trailer couldn't have been better timed, I watched it and it made me smile ear to ear. This trailer pretty much summed up why I love Klei so much. Thanks Klei for my creating one of my favorite games of all time!
  11. Don't Starve Dedicated Commentary Video Page

    The thumbnail for episode 2 made me lose it
  12. I think another creature should be added to the mysterious pile trails that is exclusive to summer, something like a giant tortoise thing. That's all I got for the moment.