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  1. What would you do?

    More insect creatures like say a Mammoth. A moth and a mammoth put together. Definitely would just make things harder but at the same time also add useful items set pieces like say a hot spring with those Asian monkeys sitting in them.
  2. If you could refuel it at all that would be more than enough to make me use it more. Although I wouldn't say no to infinite durability. It's just annoying that if you have a lighter that is low durability you either have to just toss it or carry around an extra in case it runs out during a critical time. Both options are infuriating since the the former just puts junk in the world you have to see every time you pass it and the latter wastes an inventory space.
  3. What about mounted beefalo? I’m pretty sure they attack slower as well.
  4. Slurpers seem like they would be pleasant to squeeze. Either they would have course unpleasant hair or are so poofy that they’re like a pillow.
  5. Why isn't it centered on the turf? It hurts so much please center it either in the middle of the turf or in between 4 turfs.
  6. How do you feel about Winona now?

    If it were limited to say level 1 science items and below I think it'd be a neat perk without making it game breaking. Even if it was just 1/4 it'd be a useful perk. To make it a bit more interesting and fitting for her character what if this reduction only applies if you're making multiple of the same item with the reasoning being that she's using leftover materials from the previous items to be more efficient.
  7. Unless you’re intentionally trying to attract treeguards (especially poison birchnuts) chop trees as beaver form. I’m pretty sure they made beaver form have 0% chance of treeguards or just a really low number.
  8. When I was ruin diving I tried to use my batbat on Hutch to heal myself. He was in pufferfish mode and I instantly died.
  9. It'd be neat if Maxwell could use the Codex Umbra to summon minions to do general work in an area of his choosing instead of summoning minions that can only do specific tasks. For example he would equip the Codex Umbra in a similar way to to the forge's petrifying books and cast an aoe onto an area that he would want worked on. (Ideally with a considerably shorter cast time) A shadow minion would pop out from Maxwell and collect resources, dig things up, pickup items and so on and so forth. Once the tasks in the area have been completed the minion will go back to Maxwell with whatever has been collected and then an amount of fuel is deducted from the Codex Umbra (Which would be recharged with nightmare fuel) depending on how much work was completed. The minion could be stopped by punching it like the current version deducting however much fuel it had used up at that point. If he wanted his shadow minions to fight he would instead equip the Codex Umbra and direct an attack at range to summon a shadow hit man to murder the subject. Whether or not the fighter minions would be stronger or not I am not totally sure, it would be interesting to have them draw aggro better and tank some hits but otherwise that is up for debate. The limit of how many minions he could summon at a time would probably be about the same as it is currently as well as taking parts of his sanity in exchange for the work. This would make his kit into a much more unique taskmaster kind of character instead of the forest killing shadow gang he is right now. It would nerf his ability to completely decimate forests/rock biomes (Which means Woodie would be the best woodcutter now) in exchange for more options with his minions. The kit makes sense with his character and would fill the fast gatherer niche that is absent from the current lineup. Well that's all i've got to say on the subject. If you've got some feedback on the idea I would love to hear it.
  10. plant animals

    Uhhh.. Coconut Crab, fruit fly (grapefruit fly?), potato bug, sunflowerfish, marigoldfish, albacorn, chamomileon, hedgehog, that's all i can think of off the top of my head.
  11. Off-Topic's bizarre anime thread

    No guns life is really good. The main character has a gun for a head and is a hardboiled detective that deals with cyborg related problems. As silly as it sounds it’s remarkably good and is actually pretty serious most of the time.
  12. A reed trap is more than capable of killing the shadow pieces so long as the bishop is either the first or the second to die.
  13. I'm going to put meat in a blender and nobody can stop me.

  14. You know that meme 'girls vs boys locker room'? Do that but with girl's camp vs guys camp with WX-78 being visibly unhappy in both camps.
  15. 2019 nightmare fuel thread

    Here's some cursed images I've got saved on my computer. This last one is a really large centipede so if you don't like large insects then you've been warned.
  16. (Mostly DST) Forumite Tierlists

    I’d always considered myself maybe a Lawful neutral but I suppose neutral good is pretty much the same. Anyways, I’m surprised I’m mentioned in both of these lists you’ve made. Despite being here for a while I never posted very often. So, thanks I suppose.
  17. For some reason I can't redeem something I have enough points for. I've already refreshed my page so I don't know why it's not working.
  18. Open them with notepad. I have them set up to auto open with notepad so I neglected to mention that.
  19. If you open up the scripts.zip in the databundles folder in the game files you can find the txt file for each of the characters. I could just copy and paste them for you though since I imagine other people want to see them as well. EDIT-- Here's everyone's dialogue about Warly's special foods. I messed it up again and all the spoilers are within eachother.. sigh I fixed it. Wilson Willow Wolfgang Wendy WX-78 Wickerbottom Woodie Wes Maxwell Wigfrid Webber Winona Warly Wortox Wormwood
  20. All the survivor's quotes on Warly's cooking is amusing. They're all so appreciative to have decent food.
  21. Wormwood isn't affected by lune trees being dug up, cut down, burnt or planted. At least while on the lunar island. Similar thing with rock fruit bushes. Being dug up, and burnt don't bother Wormwood but he enjoys planting them like normal. EDIT-- Same thing with the driftwood trees on the lunar beach.
  22. When the bearger is making noise before appearing Wormwood says something along the lines of "Big branch head man" I don't remember exactly but it's exactly the same as when deerclops is coming.
  23. Normally saddles would lose durablity when a beefalo shakes them off as a result of low obedience. However it doesn't seem to be the case anymore.
  24. The ruins turf I am standing on in the picture is invisible on the map. I don't know what the turf name is called so apologies for that.