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  1. *rolls into her thread* It's been a while, huh? I'm currently trying to get into digital artwork a little more, and didn't miss the opportunity to draw something. That cryptid from the Screecher Mod could've been part of my imagination, but sadly Klei was faster. I love weird anatomy and long, thin limbs~
  2. Thanks a lot x3 Hearing this from you makes me really happy~ Thank you =D
  3. Sooooo ... Time for something quickly done again! An ACEO-card of good old Wilson. He doesn't have any luck with me, looking all beaten up and bleeding. "... It's just a scratch"
  4. The camera generally distorts them a little, as it's only a webcam (and I recorded at night, so the light wasn't the best either |D) But I actually did some photoshopping to the scanned picture - It's just something I have to do, because otherwise the colours would look terrible (my scanner isn't the best concerning scanning the colours correctly) I haven't found the right settings to make the colours look exactly as in real life though, so the scans are generally a little darker, but also more vibrant after correcting what my scanner did wrong.
  5. Of course! What music would be more fitting than Ragtime ; )
  6. Thanks a lot = D (That's what I usually like about speeddrawing/ progress-videos~)
  7. Thank you~ Yes, right °3° And thanks^^ Wahh, thank you x3 It makes me happy to see you guys like it, even though it's more of a scetch :'D __________________ And now to throw some art at you again. I've had a rather stressful time lately, writing a bunch of tests for school and stuff. So taking some time to draw again was really a good thing. I did a rather quick copic-drawing of Maxwell - He's so much fun to draw and damn realxing, even without his menacing grin :'D I also did a video of my progress this time (where I forgot to loop the music correctly, damnit. And you can actually see my head popping in sometimes. Heh.)
  8. *rolls into her art thread* *looks around* *sees a tumbleweed rolling around* Huh. No, this thread is not going to die, nope. *throws random scetch at you* My best friend and I were watching Sweeny Todd and we were both like "Wilson would totally be him" So I drew a thing. You're going to get the best shave of your live. And maybe a slit throat.
  9. That werebeaver-Woodie of yours is so damn cute, I want to cuddle him *3* I also probably never mentioned it, but I really love the way you colour your artworks, it's really unique :3
  10. You can't imagine how often I read this sentence till now. It's damn beautiful, not lying. Thanks a lot =D _____________________ And now to art. Or scetches, more like. I have my final version for Steampunk!Woodie now, and because you asked for Maxwell, here's Steampunk!Maxwell, too. Wickerbottom will follow, though I don't know when, because I don't have an idea for her yet. (But instead for Charlie^^)
  11. *rolls in and throws danelions at everyone* I did some watercolour artwork again, and again with Maxwell and Charlie. I really like drawing them, though I actually made myself somewhat sad with this one :'D "I'm sorry Maxy. I'm so, so sorry ..."
  12. As I said, I'll try to do the whole cast, so these two will have a picture as well - I just need to figure out designs for them first :'D Steampunk is great, isn't it? Though I mostly use nothing overly Steampunk-ish for my artworks, as Steampunk has such a large variety of things and ideas and how to use them.
  13. And a scetch for tonight, so this thread doesn't become too inactive while I'm struggling with school. I really enjoy doodling Wes lately. Especially in pink fineliner for some unknown reason :'D Also because I'm a huge nerd I did a Steampunk-design for him as well. I'm actually going to do the whole cast, let's see who's next~
  14. Thanks x3 And that's indeed watercolours, but mixed with a little bit of copic markers. I tried to give it a unique look, I'm glad that worked ^^
  15. Now that's an awesome coincidence though =D (I really have to come over to your thread more often, but mostly I just find myself staring at your work and admiring it, but not knowing how exactly to put that admiration into words :'D) Thanks! And I'd actually pretty much hesitate to put something disturbingly gory here on the forums, so it's just a bit more violent than regular fanart. I still count things like that into gore nonetheless, just not that extreme. (I hope it's understandable what I'm trying to say :'D) _____________________________ Also, more art for today. I really like Charlie, and her design is super cute, so drawing her was something that was absolutely sure to happen. Also Maxy once again, I just love drawing that dork.