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  1. I can't imagine that's a coincidence. It does seem really odd that gold doesn't exist on the satellite 'planet' types at least in trace amounts since well.. electronics. Hell tungsten would follow the same logic assuming aluminium and titanium don't exist then tungsten carbide could be a vaguely functional fallback? (All that fuel... Good thing they'd sorted infinite energy :P) But yeah I assume it's a gameplay reason to at least make you consider conservation and best resource use in a long term sense on something rather than the vast majority of resources where it's just 'do I have enough to last me till I can set up infinite production?'. Although gold volcano's kinda blow part of that theory apart >_< The short term gain vs long term loss bit of going from niobium to thermium to niobium to thermium is kind of neat though.
  2. Espresso mac

    And tie it's quality into the care attribute. No better way to care for someone than making them amazing coffee
  3. Espresso mac

    I would really like to see the espresso machine have an energy buff of some form and incentivise using it in the morning rather than right before bed. I know the standard shifts are downtime before sleep but if it was prioritised after showers in the bathtime schedule or similar and the buff was good enough (I'd imagine bonuses to learning+athletics and decreased energy drain) it could easily be worth setting the time aside for it. *edit* hell just make it a bedroom item and have it be the first thing they will do the second they wakeup...would at least be realistic As a random aside.. How do people deal with dupes not making it back/barely making it back to base in the later game when you have projects all over the place? Satellite bases or reallllyyy long downtime shifts could work but both have pretty significant downsides. Would be nice if you could set beds/mess tables to public and just make some extra hall/bedrooms scattered around that whatever dupes happen to be in the area could use. I guess it just gives you incentive to build a crapton of transit tubes later on.
  4. With slime (or any substance that off-gasses) you can just submerse it in liquid to stop it off-gassing. Simplest thing is to build storage compactors in the water next to your pitcher pump and set that to slime/bleach stone/oxylite. The slimelung from the slime doesn't infect the water either. It would actually be somewhat OP if it did since slimelung will wipe out food poisoning (only one disease in a substance at a time apparently) and eating it doesn't cause any issues, just breathing it. *edit*...err just to add, you probably want to be confident you won't let the water supply drop below those compactors not that it's disastrous if you do you'd just lose a bit of mass off your supply
  5. The map I got before my current one I found a couple of geysers on, decided to check the rest then promptly restarted The geysers were 3x CO2 vents, 2x minor volcano's and 1 chlorine for bad ones *edit* oh and those two minor volcano's were both a little too close to my base for comfort, which I guess could have been handy down the track with vacuum gapped insulated walls but still. Finally the err...bronze? lining... 1 gold volcano, which is pretty handy.. in an ice biome Also 3xcool steam vents, so an extra one right?!...One of which was venting into space with another in the oil biome. ... I did get 2x nat gas vents at least so that was something It was kind of hilarious finding them towards the end of that. "Oh hey a cool steam vent that's at least not that open space O_o" My current games seem to hate the ice biome, because while the one I stuck with does have much better geysers (I found a polluted water vent next to my base so I was sold right at that point). My two ice biome geysers were a volcano and minor volcano gave me a laugh at least :P. Damnit now I want to start a new base... Just 'finished' my old one and by finished I mean got fed up with dealing with my spaghetti mess of systems combined with the insane lag I'd created and couldn't figure out how to mitigate.... I also wasn't sure how to deal with a very odd problem...absolutely hideous amounts of oxygen I'd created while not paying attention. 1/4 of the map had about 15-20KG of oxygen in it, I guess I could have shut down all spoms and resigned myself to petrol rockets (I'd just gotten a hydrogen rocket sent off, then realised that 800kg of hydrogen was a lot more than I thought it was...)
  6. LED lightbulbs

    The heat is a bit absurd, even incandescents don't really produce much heat, I mean yeah nearly all the power put in them is converted to heat but 60w of heat is bugger all so it's not like they heat rooms. The heat from them in the game means 18 of them=one coal factory But the game has a lot of little oddities, it's part of it's charm
  7. LED lightbulbs

    I have! Well in fairness i think it was 12w or 15w It was in my last house when i moved in, I was astounded when i saw it. I found it while replacing all the globes in the room because, surprise surprise the room was dark as hell. The thing was utterly useless, looked like a kids nightlight when you turned it on, you could see it glow but it didn't really light up anything around it
  8. Things you might not know in ONI

    Ahh thank you, that does explain a couple of things. I was struggling with some storage options for the cargo from ice planet missions originally, trying to stop the methane from vapourizing (would love to be able to transport the oxygen but that seems to be...problematic...currently), the 300C wires seemed like the culprits but I made a few alterations when I rebuilt so it must have been one of the others that fixed it. Will edit my original post to avoid misinformation.
  9. Things you might not know in ONI

    They don't pass the heat onto other objects? They definitely receive it, I've got wires in space hitting anything up to 553c (That particular spot would be from the rocket landing as it's directly above it, other heat spots are mostly around regolith but not all)
  10. Things you might not know in ONI

    Wait, what?!?! Holy crap that's amazing! Does it reduce steam emitted at all? Or I guess another way to state that would be if the only gas around is steam does it emit extra steam rather than another gas? To add to the list, mesh tiles don't thermally interact with anything other than their 'contents' (ie: the gas or liquid inside of them). This means if you make sure there's a vacuum in them they are a perfect insulator and are particularly good for supporting structures inside a vacuum since any other tile will absorb heat from passing pipes and such. Also in case people have missed it like I did.. power cables and automation cables transmit heat.. This is a particular bugger in vacuum setups. Apparently I was somewhat mistaken on this, full details in Ruhroraggy's post below. These are probably somewhat common knowledge but I only just learned them >_<
  11. [Game Update] - 299550

    I figured you probably did just wanted to do the better safe than sorry thing if you happened to be stuck. But.. You managed to get your dupe in without a gantry? Mine was refusing to enter until I put one up there (with jetpacks of course) And yeah I did the same with the silo/space, dealing with all the verticality of building out there drove me nuts before they put the jetpacks out. Damn I love them
  12. [Game Update] - 299550

    I ran into this with regolith at the bottom of my rocket silo. If you save and load when it happens you should see more regolith there than there was before. I assume for whatever reason some is kind of half spawning so you can't see it but it's still having some effect (or something to this effect), regardless once you can see all the regolith then you can mine it fine but yeah definitely not an uncommon bug. The other option is if it's at the bottom of your silo and your rocket is out on a mission just wait till it gets back and it'll destroy it all The jetpack thing can be worked around by unassigning the dupe in the rocket while the gantry is out, oddly the jetpack is invisible when they get out although thankfully still functional and it reappears when they dock it. I would love it if they changed it so jetpacks negated the need for gantries, it's such a bugger constantly moving them around when you redesign your rocket
  13. [Game Update] - 299241

    Ohh nice. Could we also get this applied to timers on buffer/filter gates too please?
  14. [Game Update] - 297993

    Same Same. Was completely stable on the previous build over dozens of cycles but I'm getting repeated crashes now. I did find a trigger for the first one I ran into (I think).. It happened within a minute of setting a container to sweep only (first time I've had one set that way with this build) with a bunch of sweep tasks set, after I loaded it crashed again at the same time so the third time I loaded I never set them to sweep only and was good for a few more cycles till I got more crashes, but these ones don't seem to be as 'reliable' so not sure what's triggering them. *edit* Probably worth noting I'm running a game ported over from the release branch.