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  1. Steam Achievements question

    The backup itself will be fine though, only the saves after you turn sandbox on will have achievements disabled. also with debug I'm pretty sure you need to activate it in game as well as in the files to disable achievements, but given that simply means pressing backspace it's pretty easy to do accidentally. Hell I discovered mine were disabled for 90% of my first game post launch due to what must have been kitten interference >_<
  2. [Game Update] - 364722

    On the mod compatibility issue, might it be worth moving the previous patch to an opt-in 'beta' so people can continue with saves that have incompatible mods in use? I play a few other games that provide this option and it seems to be a pretty good compromise in mod heavy games. *edit* also...I just built my first waterweed farm last night before going to bed.... :'( *second edit* is heavy-watt conductive wire requiring mechatronic engineering intended?
  3. Boost is working normally in other applications, I know absolute max frequency boosts don't hold long particularly with Zen2 as AMD was particularly generous with their definition of boost but still while 4.2 may not be constant 4+ is as running fully multithreaded workloads it'll hit 3.95 on every core and stick there solidly as long as needed. Zen2's a bit funny as far as boost settings go (I assume you mean things like PBO), a lot of the time it doesn't actually increase performance due to how aggressively AMD binned the chiplets and how well the default boosting handles things, for my chip I've benchmarked with it on and off and gain maybe 50mhz while putting the cpu under a lot more load (it ups the voltage quite a bit) . Temps max out somewhere in the 60c range running full load all cores more like 40c-50c in oni. Just gave process lasso a try and it's still not fully loading the cores (one is at 3ghz the others are 1.5ghz-2ghz) but I did manage to eek out about a 5%-10% increase in fps which certainly isn't nothing :). If anyone is curious the setting the seemed to get me the best outcome was chucking every process on my system to one core (2 threads) and then letting ONI play with the remaining 5c10t, I tried restricting ONI to 1 thread per core but it seemed to do a teensy bit better with both threads.
  4. is anyone/many people seeing a single core ever get fully loaded in ONI? I can load up a lategame colony that's starting to slow down quite a bit fps wise and no core gets pushed past 3300-3400mhz (cpu will go to 4.2ghz single core boost and can maintain around 4ghz all core). I know it's not the GPU as nothing changes when I set the resolution to minimum. RAM does come into play but even then it doesn't seem like all of it (can't be sure there of course) I gained a few fps tweaking my ram from 3200 16,18,18 to 3600 16,19,16 but still a pretty insignificant amount. This is on a Ryzen 3600 btw. Oddly I wouldn't mind if things still ran a bit rough if they at least put some part under full load so I knew where to poke to squeeze some more performance out :P. Although I'll have to give process lasso a shot later (dashing out atm) and see if that changes it somehow, that and disabling SMT as suggested.
  5. I think a decent change to flatulent would be only making them fart while sleeping or shortly after eating so you can control the time they'll be gassy. It'd still be a negative since ultimately that 'free' natural gas is pretty trivial but is going to mix around your base and be irritating rather than absolutely destructive to vacuum seals and waterlocks Also why do people think Yokel is a basically no cost negative? That's 6 free science you're missing on that dupe which generates a lot of extra skill points over time. There's some conspicuous absences with traits too, I guess having a forbidden/bonus for every job might saturate the options a bit but why is there no 'anxious +stress negative trait? Bringing back a point system sounds great to me, it'd also allow for an extra difficulty option for those who want it (less points for dupes). That and as someone who spent way too much of their youth combing through RPG systems a point based flaw system is a nice familiar thing :).
  6. Save File Editor

    Would also love a way to toggle off the debug was used setting if possible please. Only just noticed a week into my game that most of the achievements hadn't triggered in steam, apparently I must have hit the debug button at some point and forgotten about it (or they added the check shortly after launch). Unless it's already accessible with the raw editor and I've just missed it (found the sandbox toggle, but I haven't used that, figured debug would be in the same location but sadly not), in which case if someone could point it out that'd be great As a side note, I'd never actually looked at this editor until now. That really is a gorgeous web interface you've setup! *edit* If this turns out to not really be viable (i.e. breaks saves) then a fallback for others in the same situation is that there's a mod on steam to let you use sandbox without disabling achievements so you could just make a quick game in there to get the ones you've already earned in your main game.
  7. Whelp there goes the next few hundred hours of my life..... Congrats on the launch ^_^ As a side, is anyone else getting a crash when clicking on tutorials in the database, for instance duplicant movement? Not a big deal for me (haven't seen it in normal journal entries so far) since I've played more than enough to not need the tutorials but I can imagine that being problematic for new players.
  8. I'm guessing this probably refers to the last bits of the plot content rather than anything mechanical due to well..testing. But either way it's nice to know that even with all this awesomeness there's still a surprise or two waiting
  9. More like now no more stuffing around manually telling a dupe to go into a body of water before they'll even consider doing a task further through it. The limit on how far they could go always seemed weirdly tiny. The little guys have a pretty impressive lung capacity, the only times I've had ones at risk of drowning/suffocating is when they trapped themselves in somewhere while building or fell into a pit while digging (or their jetpacks ran out of fuel >_<). Mostly the limit just seemed to make any alterations to your reservoirs, and similar spots, a giant pain in the proverbial.
  10. I've been hoping they'll implement an expanded priorities option for a while. It's part of the reason Fluffy's Rimworld mods are indispensable as Rimworld suffers the same issue. If you want a colonist to cut chunks into stone blocks you have to let them work all crafting jobs despite it having no real connection to that skill . But with the mod you just expand the priorities list then turn that one job on and it's done . Hopefully we might see it in the launch patch, otherwise with any luck an industrious modder will figure out how to add it in.
  11. Unsuited Dupes walking underwater are no longer limited by distance but will travel more slowly !!! This so deserves to be in the notable features
  12. Holy crap that is soooo much more than I expected for the launch content update (mostly expected nuclear tech, an end-game goal and some fleshing out of disease). One biome would have made me really happy, three is just insane. Thank you!! Ok...Now the guessing game.. What could be represented with the new biome's? A desert/sterile type biome, something to throw uranium in assuming nuclear tech gets added (radioactive biome?) and...hmm... A 'home' biome? ie: something akin to the surface building/ruins but made into a whole biome? That last one seems a bit much though, could still be an artificial biome of some form like how there's satellite's for your rocket to travel too. So maybe a crashed satellite biome right near the surface? It kind of sounds like things could get really crowded, I do hope there's an official worldgen option to increase the size of our maps. Regardless I'm sure it'll be amazing when it comes out, you've definitely more than earned the benefit of the doubt for quality loonngg ago (my #1 hope for dlc is being able to setup colonies on the planets/moons we visit, always seemed like wayyyy too big an addition for the base game but something well worth paying for)
  13. [Game Update] - 299550

    I figured you probably did just wanted to do the better safe than sorry thing if you happened to be stuck. But.. You managed to get your dupe in without a gantry? Mine was refusing to enter until I put one up there (with jetpacks of course) And yeah I did the same with the silo/space, dealing with all the verticality of building out there drove me nuts before they put the jetpacks out. Damn I love them
  14. [Game Update] - 299550

    I ran into this with regolith at the bottom of my rocket silo. If you save and load when it happens you should see more regolith there than there was before. I assume for whatever reason some is kind of half spawning so you can't see it but it's still having some effect (or something to this effect), regardless once you can see all the regolith then you can mine it fine but yeah definitely not an uncommon bug. The other option is if it's at the bottom of your silo and your rocket is out on a mission just wait till it gets back and it'll destroy it all The jetpack thing can be worked around by unassigning the dupe in the rocket while the gantry is out, oddly the jetpack is invisible when they get out although thankfully still functional and it reappears when they dock it. I would love it if they changed it so jetpacks negated the need for gantries, it's such a bugger constantly moving them around when you redesign your rocket
  15. [Game Update] - 299241

    Ohh nice. Could we also get this applied to timers on buffer/filter gates too please?