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  1. I really need help!

    Okay I'll give it a last try :)) The client is closing without any crash showing up.
  2. I really need help!

    I have got an other question that could solve all my problems! Just tell me how can i tell the programm to find a "code line" inside a prefab and just delete it!? if ("MakeInventoryFloatable(inst, "idle_water", "idle")") then remove("MakeInventoryFloatable(inst, "idle_water", "idle")") else do nothing!!! end end
  3. I really need help!

    I know i am not good at programming and my old code worked untill i messed up with two different versions of "inv_rocks_ice.lua"! For me your lines are a misery. Maybe you can figure out how to disable perishing for all food items? I early noteced copying original prefabs into the mod folder is a really bad idea but i didn't know how to handle some prefabs without copy them into the mod folder and change the code in the file directly! Your code doesn`'t have any effect: local function contains(mytable, value) if mytable and value then for _, v in ipairs(mytable) do if v == value then return true end end end return false end local noSpoliagePrefabs = { "ice", "hail_ice", "honey", "acorn", "acorn_cooked", "aloe", "aloe_Seeds", "aloe_cooked", "ceviche", "watermelon_seeds", "watermelonicle", "wetgoop", "wormlight", "wormlight_lesser", etc. --- hats --- "watermelonhat", "icehat", "flowerhat", --- weapons --- "hambat", } AddComponentPostInit("perishable", function(component) if contains(noSpoliagePrefabs, component.inst.prefab) then component:DoTaskInTime(0, function() self:Remove() end) end end
  4. I really need help!

    Thanks trying to help me! Look. to remove the perishable from etc. "ice" you have to change "inv_rocks_ice.lua". There are 3 files. DLC0001, DLC0002, DLC0003 and none inside the standard/main "scripts/prefabs" has got one of it. The prob is that two of theese files are different! If you start a rog match, DLC0001 "inv_rocks_ice" 4 KB is used. If you start a Shipwrecked match, DLC0002 "inv_rocks_ice.lua" 7 KB is used - cause of "hail_ice" and hurricans! If i put my prefabs into my mod folder: "nospoiling/scripts/prefabs" there is no chance to seperate these two files! There must be a possibility to seperate!!! If match is shipwrecked then load "nospoiling/DLC0002/scripts/prefabs/inv_rocks_ice.lua". If match is RoG then load "nospoiling/DLC0001/scripts/prefabs/inv_rocks_ice.lua" and nothing else!!! Even if i put all the files into "nospoiling/scripts/prefabs" and disable the shipwrecked compatibility - shipwrecked is loading files from the "nospoiling/scripts/prefabs" and crashes cause "inv_rocks_ice" 4 KB was loaded!
  5. I really need help!

    That doesen't help cause the client is still load the prefabs even if they are not listet!!!
  6. Four days ago i started to code a mod called "no spoiling": https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1737809866 I have got massive problems because of the different dlcs! How the hell i can tell the programm only to load prefabs from DLC0001!? local IsDLC0001 = GLOBAL.IsDLCEnabled and GLOBAL.REIGN_OF_GIANTS and GLOBAL.IsDLCEnabled(GLOBAL.REIGN_OF_GIANTS)if IsDLC0001 then PrefabFiles = {"icebox","inv_rocks_ice"} like PrefabFiles = {"DLC0001\scripts\prefabs\inv_rocks_ice.lua"} ----------- how to tell don't starve only to load prefabs files from folder: "DLC0001" !?!?!? I could scream the **** out of me!!! All the problems caused why "inv_rocks_ice.lua" got two different versions. One special for shipwrecked and one for the other dlcs! So i cant put all prefab lua files in the standard folder for all dlcs like: "nospoiling\scripts\prefabs" LOOK AT THIS! I ONLY WANT TO TELL THE PROGRAMM WHICH PREFABS TO LOAD AND WHICH NOT! local IsDLC0001 = GLOBAL.IsDLCEnabled and GLOBAL.REIGN_OF_GIANTS and GLOBAL.IsDLCEnabled(GLOBAL.REIGN_OF_GIANTS) local IsDLC0002 = GLOBAL.IsDLCEnabled and GLOBAL.CAPY_DLC and GLOBAL.IsDLCEnabled(GLOBAL.CAPY_DLC) local IsDLC0003 = GLOBAL.IsDLCEnabled and GLOBAL.PORKLAND_DLC and GLOBAL.IsDLCEnabled(GLOBAL.PORKLAND_DLC) if IsDLC0001 then function nospoiling_rPerishable(inst) if inst.components.perishable then inst:RemoveComponent("perishable") end end PrefabFiles = {"icebox", "inv_rocks_ice"}else PrefabFiles = {} end if IsDLC0002 then PrefabFiles = {}else PrefabFiles = {} end if IsDLC0003 then function nospoiling_rPerishable(inst) if inst.components.perishable then inst:RemoveComponent("perishable") end end PrefabFiles = {}else PrefabFiles = {} end
  7. Lovely Klei developer team, i get sick about the fact that there is only one keybinding possible in the controls menu! I would love to bind e.g. "Do Attack" on multiple keys like "," and "space" at the same time. I am talking about "Don't Starve and all Dlc's" and or "Don't Starve Together". What are you thinking? Is there a chance to get that change soon? Greetings, and have a nice day.
  8. Thank you very much for theese infos !!! Now i am happy ^^
  9. Thank you so much! I got crazy about. So they will be come available after that beta/period?
  10. I cant find Wagstaff or Wheeler in my character list! I am owning all dlcs and hamlet but these two are missing. I reinstalled Don't Starve, disabled all mods and tested completly with new configs. Them aren't there. Even not unlockable via console!? Any idea what is going wrong here?
  11. Grim from The Grim Adventures

    Nice, what you made out of my very unskilled character mod long time ago. Thanks for naming me at the end of your discription. )
  12. Unlock all released characters

    Soooo lovely. Thanks for this great mod! You did a awesome job.