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  1. Salutations. Everything is proceeding smoothly in the creation of my character using this guide - I've run into many problems, but always managed to solve them somehow. But I've run into a problem that I can't seem to figure out a solution for - my character appears very small in-game, much like @Powtage's problem. Now, the obvious solution here is simply to make all the sprites bigger. However, this a painfully slow and tedious process, and while I've started doing it I've run into quite an issue - the space given to me to draw my torso is not large enough to expand it properly. You see, in order to make my character's head appear at a realistic height where hats appear correctly, I must move the head sprite up quite far. In order to make the torso (and all other parts as well) align with the head's new height, I must also raise it, but I run out of vertical space, and although I technically can align the two, a top section of the original torso must be chopped off - and that is not ideal for obvious reasons. I've looked around all sorts of places, and although people have seemed to have similar problems, there is no clear solution other than to try expanding every texture to make the character a reasonable size, which I cannot seem to do. This block of code may potentially be useful, however. I do not know how to properly use it to expand my character's size, so if someone else did, that could potentially solve my problems immediately: inst:SetScale(width,height,length) Feel free to ask for any additional information or clarification if you require it. Thanks in advance.
  2. Is there a guide to go with this? If so, I apologize for my ignorance, but some files need explanations for me. I couldn't find anything anywhere, so I'm posting here now. Oh, and nice job making all this, Dleowolf!
  3. Just More Map Icons and RPG HUD. I tried disabling More Map Icons, but it had no effect. Still no backpack + amulet slots.
  4. Thanks for the reply, but sadly, this doesn't work. The backpack + amulet slots still aren't there. Got any other ideas?
  5. All of the sudden, RPG HUD stopped working. It says it's active when I hold tab, but the backpack + amulet slots aren't there. I'm just using that and More Map Icons (which works fine) and before this RPG HUD worked fine. Oddly enough, even though I have no backpack slot, I still have the backpack equipped and my armor is still on.
  6. Monster Meat is actually extremely useful. It's great as a filler and for making meaty stews (the most efficient recipe is 1 meat, 1 monster meat and 2 morsels), and like others have said, can be transmuted into eggs. However, it's inefficient to use a morsel and 3 eggs for meatballs. It's better to save them for bacon and eggs (2 eggs, 1 monster meat, 1 morsel is the most efficient recipe) which is a great travel food and healing food. Monster meat can be used in the place of meat, essentially. Don't put more than one in the crock pot though, it has a chance of making monster lasagna. Of course, I'm thinking efficiency wise, but lots of people don't really care if they're being efficient or not, so if you're one of those people I guess you can just disregard this post.
  7. Every day, I wake to hear ragtime distantly playing in the background. I know Maxwell wants me to check my email. Each time I do, nothing is there. Soon enough however the time shall come. My sanity level has dropped to 68, I've tried eating candy but it always reverts back. ...Help? (On a serious note, I am playing other games while I wait for DST, including Robocraft, singleplayer Don't Starve, Space Engineers and perhaps a few others.)
  8. Signature change. Star Control 2 is best game.

  9. thanx but its bek is purp also i hav another question what goes throo a talbird/smallbird/tenberds mind in eech age??/??/
  10. gauis help so i adopt a tall bird and it is cute but one day it gro big!!! it scare me then it stat pecking me it is pecking me right now adviece pls?
  11. ...I've actually never died before. And no, I'm not just saying this to seem special or something, I have never actually died before. You see, prior to actually buying and playing Don't Starve, I read essentially the entire wiki and watched tons of videos of it (as I do with most games. It's a bad habit I need to stop) and THEN played it. I started a world which I didn't die in, but got annoyed at. A Treeguard and a Spider Queen were moving around my base constantly, to which Wilson replied "2spooky4me" and lost sanity quickly, and that frustrated me so I started a different world, and then managed to get to day 300-something. After that I lost interest in Don't Starve for a while. I got back into it several times after that though. Because of this, I only have Wilson. I haven't used the teleportato because by the time I find all the things I've lost interest or I don't feel like moving everything over.
  12. Y'know, I actually can't quite remember. It happened sometime after I joined Wikia and the Don't Starve wiki, and then I joined here to make terrible posts about smallbirds. Little did I know what I'd think of that later.
  13. I haven't been here in a while, man. Don't take my old posts for what I'm like now.

  14. I haven't been here in a while, man.