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  1. I had make a mod like this! but it is too horribleļ¼it make the game too easy.
  2. Version 2.2


    All of the drop will come into pocket. Though you can use amulet,but isnot very convenient.(Yeah?) Drop mean: cut trees,log fall on the ground kill pigman,meet drop on the ground And many like these...So these things will first try to put in your pocket,until the pocket is full(then fall to the ground). mistake to delete the old one,Just add it again.Sorry... AND You can add it in Steam!
  3. Version 1.1


    Still in distress for how to make your base beautiful? ! Headaches for transplant ? ! Just try this MOD.A little easier.. 7/30:WARNING!The version[no press],usage changed AND this part haven't test too much How to Use(This work like board game) When you build or transplant: no need to press any key ! it auto make it snap to grid(size 0.5). If hold the key "Ctrl" then the mod Disabled When you build(for fine tune): hold the key "p" then it will make it snap to grid(size 0.1).How to change key: notice: Discuss >>
  4. Version 1.1


    A small change for Firepit.edge closer to reality. Now you can harvest ash by burning things. Charcoal with out burn trees... Just make fire pit "Real". USE: With Fire Pit. Just make fire,for a few time (the time of log burning) it can be harvest. 1.fire burn,produce ash.need more? burn more! 2.By make the fire get smaller,you can receive charcoal Install: Un-zip, enable this mod in game.(just like most other MOD)[hunger] Disscuss
  5. 1029 downloads

    "Can help you!" Your science machine. Can help you to make"rope,boards,cutstone,papyrus,nightmarefuel" How to use: [1]Just open science machine. [2]There are 3 slots for you to put in log/cutgrass/rocks/cutreeds/petals_evil. [3]Then it will show what it can do in the fourth slot. When you move on it,you can know how many it product.[4]Just click it or button below. [5]For a few while you can recive product(near). If you run away,it will put on the ground. You Can See the Image. Install: Have fun.I'm learning to make advanced MOD...