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  1. Just wanted to say that you're stealing my art of Werkex And im just not reporting you cause anyone that put the eyes on it will notice it's art thief.
  2. You two were so awesome i can't even express. These are the most incredible cosplays i've ever seen. Congratulations, seriously :3
  3. I already messaged her about it, don't worry.Also, his history is different. Weejay was a Wilson's creation and went to the don't starve world with his creator. Werkex was a Maxwell's creation to kill Wilson.Also, their personalities are diffferent and etc.I think people think it just because of his appearance.
  4. Man, your art is awesome, i just can't even X3
  5. Must update his official reference, so, here's a temporary one ^ Universe Don't starve Name Werkex Nickname The empty soul Motto "Night is coming." Voice Sanity 300 Health 80 Hunger 120 Melee damage 1.5x Perk -Higher sanity - Runs faster - Higher hit - Eyes glows a bit in the dark (but not enough to survive without a torch or a campfire, the glowing was just a detail i put) Werkex has a Maxwell's monster. he had to chase and kill Wilson and all the Don't Starve survivors. He has a creature made of a modified body ( nobody knows what alive creature he was before) possessed by a lot of ghosts and demons. Werkex was called "Wilbur, the corrupted soul". Once, chasing Wilson, the mind of the alive creature he was before, took the control of his mind somehow. It was fighting against the death, and the demons. So, Maxwell got furious. He removed the demons of Wilbur's bodie, gave him a new name and threw him into the Don't Starve World. Wilbur (now, Werkex) has a weak body and has alone. He's still trying to survive. His arms are made of the same material of the night hands, so he can run really fast and that's why bornfires and torches down faster near him. Also, werkex is an energetic creature, aways running. He's curious and aways try to chase new creatures. It's dangerous. 'cause he have a chance of chase hostile creatures while the gamer is playing. He's constantly hungry.