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  1. when woodie comes out do one for him also how they all got there "strange new powers"
  3. thx for the tips but i bad at art i make better storys then art + im only a kid ( as it says in my name) so and si you want to read some there in other chats try fan stroy fiction thingys and you might see me so you have really good art:encouragement:
  4. there great i hope i can be as good as you one day i just started:apathy:
  5. i like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! --- ORIGINAL FIRST POST:
  6. this is a part 2 to my first stroy hope you like inso wilson want to explore he found a small girl (by the looks a 10 year old) 'who are you?' she asked 'not the time dont you see the gaint spider behind you?!?' wilson asked 'yes' she anserd abigal she yelled as a ghost came behind her and killed the spider. inpressive. wilson said 'thanks' she replied 'now back to ansering me' she said 'wilson' he said. 'ok, im wendy.' she said 'i have a camp only a walk away.' she said 'may i stay with you tonight i dont have a camp yet.' he asked 'sure.' she ansererd. and the y both went to sleep in straw the real world: breaking new famous inventer, wayn cooper has created life right now he has no name for it yet so he calls it wx-78 this is amzing well thats all we have for nowchapter 3:the fire starter in the real world: breaking news wayn cooper is dead! his head was found in the middle of the street this would be a first degree murder there is no trace of the killer and his creation: wx-78 is missing who would do thisthanks for reading this sorry for the many spelling errors (i know theres a lot of them) i am young but thanks for READING
  7. i made a stoy too i hope you like this it is my first day of doing it and note this gos out to bunnyman and all his stoyschapter 1: where am iwilson ..... went missing on july 9 2008. in his house the only trace of him in a strange portal looking thing about 8 feet tall and 3 feet wide. in other news a girl named willow ........ was is also lost her partents are putting a reward of 500$ for her return also that 2 small girls may have died. but one is sure to be dead, her body was found on july 15 locals say that her name was abigal ...... and her twin sister wendey ...... hasnot been found she has been missing since july 14. if you know any info about any of the locaiton of the these missing people call 1619-739-7693.willson woke up in a strange world near a starge tall man he recnised him. he said 'hey pal you dont look so good.' wilson was to tired to respond. 'you better find somthing to eat before night comes.' he said as he strangely got pulled into the ground. 'where am i wilson asked himself. 'maybe that man is right i should get soming to eat.'in the real world: breaking news! famous german strongman wolfgang ......... went missing. there is no trace of him. just 5 mins. ago he want missing. what kind of monster would do this to alll these people.chapter 2: meeting togetheras it got late wilson heard someone scream 'DEATH WILL FIND YOU!' he didnt know who it was...thanks for reading what i have so far it is the first stroy i ever posted so sorry for the spelling errors im working on a part 2 right now THANKS FOR READING