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  1. If you made a mod it would swallow. Anyone get the reference? ;D
  2. It was someone else, as he said that the original idea wasnt from him at the top of the page.
  3. Will the crock pot still predict outcomes from recipes from other mods? Like Camp Cuisine?
  4. Thanks, i needed this. Because i have so many mods, when it crashes, and doesent present which mod caused it, i have to spend all of my Saturday enabling and disabling mods to see which one is causing the problem. You have just saved me from a lot of late night headaches.
  5. Im not sure what is causing this problem.. Everything works fine for me
  6. Oh right, sorry xD Here you go: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/files/file/270-equivalent-exchange/
  7. Forgot to mension: Go to Nudels original Equivalent Exchange page for info on the actual mod, as i forgot to explain it.
  8. Version 1.0


    This is an OP version of the original Equivalent exchange, by Nudel. The credit all goes to him for his fantastic work! His mod was my favourite by far. What this mod does is adds a bigger variety of things to duplicate, which includes foods, which is severely OP. I prefer Nudels work to mine, but i just posted this for those who wanted it. Here is a list: Berries, Carrots, Corn, Dragonfruit, Durian, Eggplant, Fish, Frog Legs, Honey, Koalefant_summer, Koalefant_winter, Fleshy Bulb Meat, Mandrake, Meat, Monster Meat, Morsel, Pomegranate, Pumpkin, Spider Glands, Tall Bird Eggs, Deerclops Eyeball, Honey Poultice, Beard Hair, Butter, Butterfly Wings, Charcoal, Bird Eggs, Rotten Eggs, Guano, Gunpowder, Healing Salve, Heat Stone, Beefalo Horn, Lightbulb, Bunnyman Tail, Big Jerky, Monster Jerky, Small Jerky, Drumsticks, Batwings, The Three Coloured Mushrooms, Normal And Dark Petals, and so much more. You can edit this in the modmain, you can also add items from other mods to the list, and give them a value. Enjoy! REMEMBER: This is NOT my mod, all credit goes to Nudel, the original creator. I just created this mod for people who struggle with this game, as it makes it a lot easier. :
  9. Will other mods mess up this mod? Because i have got the CJB too many items mod and it uses the "T" key to open.
  10. I think the ancients tab was just a slight glitch with me having other mods turned on, however even without any other mods turned on the refine tab dissappears, plz fix it because its ruining my game and this is a really awesome mod to use
  11. Yeah im using other mods ill try and disable some and see which one it is. Thanks for letting me know
  12. The only problem with this mod is that the ancient tab dissappears
  13. It wont let me create dexterity. I built four ropes and it still said i didnt have enough whilst i could create other items that required rope. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks if u read this.
  14. Does this mod work with tools from other mods? E.g the "Madmans Fighting Pack"
  15. How does this work? Wen i download it from media fire or just press the download button i get a text file