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  1. Hello, non-starvers! *Ronald Jenkees face* Mind if I join you? Guess it's high time I finally posted something, but there doesn't seem to be a greetings thread anywhere. Or I'm paying too little attention. O___oI've been playing since about uhhhh... May; until now I had been preoccupied editing, translating and transferring stuff for Russian DS wiki. Everything started just too abruptly for me. After playing Don't Starve on my gentleman friend's computer all I could say is: STEAM, SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!! Loads of hardcore, uncompromising world aiming solely to kill you, the gruesome creepy sketchiness, the steam\diesel punk attitude, charming Wilson, irreststible Maxwell... I'm head over heels. Fantastico.Klei, you are officially awesome. An avid fan of Gorillaz for ten years, I ignored every other fandom, until now. Nothing has ever been so exciting for me since about 2001. How amazing is that? You deserve a free Internet!Okay, stuffs.Here's something I've done over this time. As you see I'm slightly tilted for Wilson, so if you'd like to see more of other characters, do tell me.A couple of pieces in Odosketch, speedpaint included.Speedpaint:, I shipped these two. Forgive me.Speedpaint: pics to be added!
  2. Messin' With Fan Art

    It's Maxwell Maxwell he's going to make a few appearances as much as the rest of original cast.
  3. Messin' With Fan Art

    Roommates: Rocky, put the pen down you need a break Me, listening to DS Ragtime for the 13573719329th time: NO
  4. Messin' With Fan Art

    So, uh... hello again. Hopefully I'll make more than just casual appearances starting today. I missed this place. Much. Heyyyy! Funny tho, I see you on my Tumblr feed every day but we never actually talk
  5. Messin' With Fan Art

    I received lots of messages on Tumblr over the last 30 days, most of which turned out to be fan mail for Wilson, and not surprisingly, Wes. Also a few tech questions about the story, and the most hilarious one, there goes: So I made this: XD (slightly NSFW, surreh) BUSTEEEEED I spit coffee out reading tags on reblogs =D one of those actually said #now I want to write about it Also in case you'd love more school\college stuff, I had a take on Back To The University picture: That butt. ._______. I'm so sorry, Klei. Tiny pun scientist shouldn't have been so cute Vanilla Don't Starve, where Wilson is actually shorter than Willow and she scares him, because hey, this girl kicks some serious ass how many battle maidens would you meet out there in 1920's?? Drew this after DST controller support\Linux\Mac update. there was quite a few different ideas resulted in a bunch of drawings some of which are not safe for work yes really seriously, and this is my favourite Chester the cat stealing marshmallows =P More Chester!
  6. Messin' With Fan Art

    This goddamn thing >__< I mean seriously, Wilson's patience seems to be endless, but hey, opening his Tumblr and see stupid squabbles over a piece of cloth soon after he heard that his favourite actor died? No. Just. No.
  7. Messin' With Fan Art

    This topic needs more annoying mimes and their slightly autistic science friends =D AND MORE BARISTA PORN OH MY GOD WILSON RUB THAT HOLDER so there you go Hey look, it's Woody! ↑ He works at USPS apparently. Not even close to tree felling but eh, it's paper! =3
  8. Messin' With Fan Art

    New Year is slowly approaching. I'm currently adding speech bubbles to the next 5 pages of DS XXI, aaaand immediately draw more, lol. I gotta move if I want to see the whole story done. And the story proves to be immense, oh damn =D Willow is SO DESPERATE to celebrate Christmas she's ready to bet her life for a bunch of holly leaves. OMG. But then again, so far away in the wilderness, tired and hungry most of the time, maybe stuck there forever with no hope of escape, who'd refuse a chance to feel like home even for a day? Count this as my X-mas gift to the fandom, to the developers, AND -- my thumbs up to the release of the Frontier Pack (and likewise, the successful launch of DST) It's an uphill struggle, but you guys are doing great, thank you! Forum guys, Tumblr \ dA\ Instagram \ Steam friends, everyone, anyone who took their time to look at any of my artworks, shared, reblogged and even actually said anything -- you are AWESOME! You are the reason I keep logging in nearly every day -- even if without any obvious activity. I appreciate any feedback -- positive, negative, whatever makes sense, I take into account. Fellow artists, keep truckin' -- you are brimming with talent; it's a great deal of luck to know you <3 MERRY X-MAS! HAPPY HOLIDAY! sample text =3
  9. Messin' With Fan Art

    I'm back *gasps* oh yeah. HELL YEAH--- Please don't even ask me what happened because I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA. Earlier this month I dropped a message on Tumblr saying I have to deal with a certain connection problem, that oddly enough ONLY concerns the forums. I did whatever I could, including AV check, cookie and temp files removal, changing firewall settings, whatever was within my competence, I did. @Miss figured I should probably do a DNS flush; however it did not work as well. And then, as soon as I prepared to accept the miserable situation I was in, this update e-mail poped up, I clicked the link and there I was in the multiplayer topic. Like nothing ever happened. Seriously. What was that. Anyway. Remember them guys who requested Wilson's tattoo sketch? No less than two weeks ago I grabbed my suitcase and jumped in the train to Yekaterinburg to pay them a visit. Man, that was the best week in my life. Felt like a Cheshire tea party, full of randomness, co-op games and of course, Don't Starve. And there was a lot more to bring home. More drawings, more ideas, and a decision to pack my bags and move to Yekaterinburg and continue my education as a graphic designer at Urals State Academy of Arts. Things gonna get tough as I get back to studies, but come on. With a team of friends just as crazy as yourself it gets to the whole new level. So yeah, uh, hello again. This thread is (hopefully) returning to life. Grab some Carter.
  10. Messin' With Fan Art

    Cat is a nice option for a guy like Wilson. They are fine on their own, not too messy, pretty calm, warm and cuddly ^_^ perfect for a neat nerdy kid with a whole lot of gadgets scattered around the house. Plus Chester is a great name for a cat =P It's no surprise people see him as a dog; that's basically how Chester is pictured in the game and official artworks. I thought, however, Wilson wouldn't consider having a dog for a number of reasons. ^^ Gotta love those furry balls of awesome! *highfives* Awwwwww ^_____^ thanks. I guess it goes both ways -- whenever I see an update in your Tumblr, I'm ready to jump around sqealing with joy =D
  11. Messin' With Fan Art

    I was lucky to get my hands on box version of Photoshop (some users will hate me for that ). It's kinda old now, but still good. At least for my computer in its current bundling. *evil plotting of a pin-up featuring sock suspenders* Hooray for suspenders! ^_______^ So, I finally made it. Been ages, huh. ^^; I guess I have the same problem as many others -- getting considerably less productive during the summer. Shoot, it's been more than three months! Somebody has to get a grip onto their butt and WORK if they want to keep this story going. XD LONGPOST WARNING!!! =DDDD Yup, Wilson uses a vintage razor, because safe razors are too mainstream. Pardon Wes, he's being a bit too explicit. I think, however, it's a reasonable price for charisma and acting skills. =) He's still cool. Chester is a cat ._____. A weirdo that's I am made the doglike creature into a cat. Am I the only one to have insane thoughts like this?
  12. Messin' With Fan Art

    You may drool as long as you like! XD It was one of those random ideas that appear sporadically while you are thinking over other important details of character's biography. Carter hails from California, and California calls for surfing. At least for me, hah hah ^^; You don't have to Thanks for stopping by! Awwww ^___^ Thanks. Oh goodness. You okay there? I'm in the mood for idiocy, so there you go! I know it's been done before, it's just that PSY guy and his crazy tunes. I couldn't resist XD I heard some speculations that XXI c Maxwell and Wilson are a lot like Blaire and Park from the Outlast. Alrighty then, we'll find out later! Must have seen this one, right? ^^; oh shoot, the response was, like, unexpected. Seriously. I just saw this coke can my friend printed out and thought it would be a neat idea, that's all. And now it has 434+ notes on Tumblr and slowly counting. O____o ALSO!! My headcanon is that Wilson wears braces, both with his socks and underneath his dapper waistcoat. They look so darn stylish and make him look like a COMPLETE NERD, how awesome is that?? Am I the only one here who thinks sock braces are sexy? I got busy with the new pages, currently, and concept art for the upcoming chapters. Let's say goodbye to summer -- that's already all gone in my whereabouts -- and get back to cozy Internetz ^^ Here's Wes for you =)
  13. Messin' With Fan Art

    Well, the vacation is over and I'm back at the harpy lair my room is, ruffling through souvenirs, newly-purchased art supplies aaaaand... drawings. Yep, I did download a mobile sketchbook that is called, literally, SketchBook Mobile, and bought a stylus to make the process quick and precise. The majority of drawings contain AWFUL SPOILERS, so I have to choose carefully what to share with you. Like, maybe Willow already posted on Tumblr Say, I drew a bunch of Maxwells! Mostly because my teammates are huge fans of Maxwell (AND Maxwill of course too, if you know what I mean XD) so they talk about him all the time, certainly encouraging me this way. Unfortunately the canvas size was limited, so I had to export image into a fully functional editor to give Maxwell his well-deserved arms and legs =D Not happy with his right leg -___- Eh, it's to be finished anyway, I can redraw it. Max as XXIc William Carter. Pucker up, handsome! SPOILER WARNING! Oh yesh, that's young William Carter. With a surf board. Go home, imagination, you're drunk!
  14. Messin' With Fan Art

    Awwww ^w^ I posted it on Instagram and got an instant fave from JanH and Corey =DDDD it was truly an honor. Teheee well, let's check the upcoming pages and see if he can ;D Saint Petersburg is totes worth seeing, it's my third visit and I shall return by all means. AAAAAWESOME! Looking forward for the results! =) By the way, in the comic Wilson actually does have a frequent who comes to the bar only to witness the work of art that he is =D Oh you >:3
  15. Messin' With Fan Art

    Really? =))) And the thing is....?Guys, I'm terribly sorry for an abrupt disappearance, both from the forum and social networks. I had certain reasons, and ironically, they are -- while Don't Starve is slowly turning into a multiplayer game, Rocky Springs is slowly turning into a team. Yes, you got that right. It all started with a request to use Wilson's tattoo sketch for a REAL tattoo. I mean actually, download it and ink it. The guys showed me a very early 'alpha' version drawn with markers. It was so unexpected I couldn't help saying yes. Like seriously, I have always thought I couldn't draw tattoos for hell! This one was made just because I needed it. And now thanks to two daring people, Wilson's angry fishies come to life? Hell yeah! We started talking and they told me they have read this entire thread and absolutely loved XXI. They were wondering if I needed any assistance and if I did they would be glad to provide it. I actually didn't mind some help and we spent the following days brainstorming and discussing. I have no idea how it all would end up, but what we have so far looks promising. Other than that I have finally broken free from work and currently embracing the awesomeness of Saint Petersburg. There are wi-fi sources spreaded all around so I still remain fully available. Without any drawing means though, at this point. Should hopefully get some paper and liners soon, or maybe download a mobile sketchbook; I must admit, however, that drawing with a finger feels kinda weird. Anyway, I have already celebrated the leave with DS latte art. ^_^ And here's a piece of Wilson in his dapper bartender outfit.
  16. Finally on vacation ^_^

  17. Messin' With Fan Art

    He turned out extremely good, I'm amazed at the accuracy he's designed with. Indeed a sweetie! ^_^
  18. Messin' With Fan Art

    Oh shoot, the Multiquote button started glitching, again. Does this mean multiplayer is coming? By the way, my Chester has arrived! With his very own Eyebone! What a neat little thing. Strikin' poses like a sir!
  19. Messin' With Fan Art

    Simple as that. Thanks! Thanks for stopping by, check back for more! *happytears* SOOO much hope I will. Thank you! ^w^
  20. Messin' With Fan Art

    Thanks! There's no need for words, I appreciate the very fact you spared me some of your time. I guess the feeling is mutual, because I was literally stunned by your works, too. ~<3<3<3 (won't be surprised if you already know) There must be more photos of it, both finished and in-progress state. They made me document every step to make a consistent presentation, huh huh
  21. Messin' With Fan Art

    Thanks for the feedback, too! Immensely appreciated. Спасибо. It was devastating to know that I'd have to give it away, though. Out of all projects I did in college, this one was my favourite. And the only one I actually enjoyed making. Awwww, thank you. That was hilarious XD Girls just wanna have fun Either way, you may join my dapperness supporters movement -- even as much as I like Wilson, I prefer seeing him dressed up. The smarter, the better =P Many thanks. ^___^
  22. Messin' With Fan Art

    Holy molly, guys, look what I've found! A piece of my final project on it's under construction phase: And here is the final version: You can see I flipped the canvas; (tech drawing on the right for comparison) it was a spontaneous decision made by one of my teachers and supported by the rest, including myself. I'm all in all happy with the results, even though there could be more of it. Pardon the terrible flashes on the dark parts, the shooting conditions were far from perfect. I highly recommend to check it out in full-res. Goodbye, my alchemist. I will miss you.
  23. Hello I Draw The Art

    Holy ****. Come hither, Wilson baby, I've got a little something for you. I guess I've said it before ^^;