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  1. 3 hours ago, gallusvarius said:

    I've never had Abigail attack bunnymen before, but hoards of bunnymen tend to be ferociously dangerous. Is this a remark to actual gameplay, and I'm missing out on bunnymen slaughter with Abigail?

    wait until day time in the caves, then hammer down their houses one by one after Abigail killed them.

    you'd also have to help deal the last few killing blows since when their health gets low, they try to flee.

    for DST, let abi heal a little bit longer, since everything but her has more health

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  2. 22 minutes ago, gallusvarius said:

    Inspiration from Wilson's Gorge skin, I presume?

    i guess, it was more of from a game i found called Mother Russia Bleeds. nothing like making up my own crackpot ideas from a game of a bunch of people throwing themselves into a hell and some dude murdering half of the government while fighting the physical embodiment of a drug

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