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  1. spoilers bc a lil blood/cannibal sort of stuff its kinda suppose to be a zombie sort of thing too but idk
  2. she's gonna show it off to maxwell he's probably gonna disintegrate as soon as he sees the gun :^)
  3. took me a while for the recording to be processed by movie maker also i totally didnt get distracted and watched anime :^) finished picture
  4. a really messy sketch of charlie but she’s a mobster
  5. wait until day time in the caves, then hammer down their houses one by one after Abigail killed them. you'd also have to help deal the last few killing blows since when their health gets low, they try to flee. for DST, let abi heal a little bit longer, since everything but her has more health
  6. i guess, it was more of from a game i found called Mother Russia Bleeds. nothing like making up my own crackpot ideas from a game of a bunch of people throwing themselves into a hell and some dude murdering half of the government while fighting the physical embodiment of a drug
  7. i had a speedpaint all recorded n edited but youtube is being a big gay and not letting me upload it
  8. local artist keeps mutating Wilson into deformed monsters more at 11
  9. I was bored and tried to draw a pinup of charlie
  10. i barely know the art style of gorillaz, since i barely ever listen to their music
  11. i take that back im not gonna edit the post bc i can do this instead :^)