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  1. i dont know if its because of a burnt tuber tree or an empty tuber tree, but either way, when the wind started, my game crashed log.txt
  2. this is it thats all your getting im not gonna be able to make lanterns no more food for the rest of the month
  3. just messing around with console commands, doing science for a friend, decided to build the skyworthy and hop over to a RoG world i was spawned at night, and all the items that were laying on the floor were being pushed by world wind once the items were blown to the edge of the map, they got deleted
  4. you should attach a log for when this happens again, it makes it easier on the devs to pinpoint the stuff that could cause this
  5. i placed a few drying racks within my home, and everyso often, some of them stops showing that i hanged meat on 'em to dry. the crash happened when (im assuming) one of the 3 drying racks finished drying i dont know if it matters that it was monster meat or not log.txt
  6. wanted to post two of these, but then the event came out so
  7. i just remembered @Wesminator did a thing on tumblr so im posting my bit here!
  8. well in gorge wes somehow was expert haggler so in hamlet, wes is now legendary thief also i did the eyes because i was bored
  9. drew something for my man @Flare2V for his hamlet streams
  10. for some reason my first thought was that that the hair looks like wilson's
  11. or maybe it was too many bats? either way, it gave a really bad result log.txt
  12. I was messing around with console and decided to relog while inside my brand new home and now when i enter, its a black screen. I can hear wicker move about inside, and i can exit, but the screen itself is entirely blank maybe its because i changed the outside? i dont know! also it would be nice if the player can craft a bed and/or have a way to make pots to decorate with vegetation log.txt
  13. apparently after burning a tuber tree, you can just hack it back to normal