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  1. OK HEAR ME OUT REAL QUICK idc if klei commits highway robbery and sells this i just wa n t m o th skins
  2. radiance from hollow knight is a moth, so a skin for mothling is a smaller version of radiance
  3. a really easy joke i can make here is I MEAN IT MAKES SENSE BUT ITS PROBABLY NOT LEGAL AND IM VERY UPSET
  4. nope, just different literal skins all patched together
  5. Trypophobia warning (and body horror) radiates the same energy as "i just think they're neat!"
  6. isnt that a movie? the joke more of came from this video that hopefully wont get this post auto flagged for having a bad word in the title
  7. i shouldve swapped wilson n max bc wilson would totally do something like this (or wortox)
  8. i was at my grandma's house when i drew this she wont let me astral project onto wilson when im over there
  9. its wilson, he's p much never ok when i draw him
  10. only when he's infront of reflective surfaces is when the cut out parts become visable
  11. its my mental breakdown i get to choose the music
  12. Au where everyone but webber and wendy ate a heck ton of nightmare fuel, wear (most) decap heads from the bosses to inherit their powers to go on heists to pay for rent. ... it sounds more like payday than hotline Miami. oops.
  13. i drew this after consuming two sober-be-gone juice + monster cups. unfortunately i was still sober.
  14. spoiler for more body horror, gonna edit this later to add the speedpaint once i got that rendered. more homestuck soon(hopefully)